Pamper yourself to some spa treatment at home with Martha Tilaar

From left: Mr Kilala Tilaar (Deputy Director of marketing &research & development, Martha Tilaar Group), myself, Hongpeng and Ms Wulan Tilaar (Vice Chairwoman, Martha Tilaar Group)

 Thanks Martha Tilaar for inviting me to their Media Gathering!
This event is also in celebration of Martha Tilaar's new store opening and new product launching in Singapore.

Congrats to Martha Tilaar, the famous Indonesian beauty product brand for their second outlet opening at Jurong Point.

To be honest, I was not familiar with Martha Tilaar until the media launch last week, and learnt that Martha Tilaar Group was founded by Dr Martha Tilaar over 42 years ago with humble beginnings as a single beauty salon. Today, the group not only manufactures, markets and distributes over 10 different successful product brands in Indonesia, it also provides training, beauty counseling and spa services. Their products are developed in Indonesia according to international standards as they are an ISO certified organization. 

Today Martha Tilaar, Asia’s best kept secret from Indonesia expands its commitment in Singapore with authentic Asian-style exotic innovations by opening a second concept store in Jurong Point, Singapore with new premium product offerings.

The media event was held at Fullerton Bay Hotel.

New Reviving Series in Dewi Sri Spa Range
Martha Tilaar unveils the brand new Reviving Series to the wildly-popular Dewi Sri Spa range. Enriched with lemon and peppermint oil to counter oily and dry skin conditions, the Reviving Series alleviates fatigue and refreshes both the body and the mind with its uplifting minty fragrance scent. Available as a Body Wash, Body Scrub, Massage Oil, Body Lotion, Bath Salt and Herbal Bath, these products are perfect for winding down after a long tiring day, or after vigorous workouts.

Guests that day were well-pampered to a hand and foot massage!

Mr Kilala Tilaar (Deputy Director of marketing &research & development, Martha Tilaar Group)

The heiress to the Martha Tilaar empire, Ms Wulan Tilaar, shared the secrets founded on Martha Tilaar’s beauty philosophy today at a celebration spa-rty. Ms Wulan Tilaar is currently the Vice Chairwoman of the Martha Tilaar group, head of the internationally-applauded Puspita Martha International Beauty School and the rapidly expanding Martha Tilaar Spa network.

Renowned as a beauty and wellness brand in Indonesia, Martha Tilaar’s success is attributed to the signature approach of marrying genuine Asian heritage, such as the use of herbal ingredients like Jamu and other plant and natural extracts with world-class scientific expertise.

This dedication to combine Eastern tradition and Western standards stems from the personal pledge of Dr Martha Tilaar herself to share the long-established Indonesian practices in a modern and relevant way. It is the cornerstone of Martha Tilaar’s approach since the brand’s inception over 42 years ago. In 1996, Martha Tilaar Group was the only cosmetic company in South East Asia to obtain ISO9001 certification.

A special dance performance which made me feel so relaxing...



We are heading to Martha Tilaar (Marina Square).

 Here we are at Martha Tilaar (Marina Square).
They had recently opened another store at Jurong Point.

Following the launch of its debut Marina Square shop in 2010, Martha Tilaar has opened a second shop in Jurong Point. Continuing to serve the Singapore market through shopping destinations in both the city and sub-urban areas in Singapore, the Martha Tilaar Shop at Jurong Point is fitted in a modern and stylish fashion. The shop showcases Martha Tilaar’s top three product brands – Dewi Sri Spa, Jamu Garden and Solusi. Working in tandem, these product lines embrace Martha Tilaar’s unique beauty philosophy, using innovation to harness natural ingredients and enabling every woman to be beautiful from both the inside and outside. Customers to the shop will be greeted by staff with warm and genuine dispositions and a myriad of award-winning products.

You will be spoil with a wide selection of premium products which you can enjoy at home!!!
Imagine you can pamper yourself to a spa at home!!!

They always have promotion like this!!!
So do look out for the promotion whenever you visit their store!!!

Sariayu Jamu Garden tea
Their tea products caught my eye cause I'm a tea-lovers!!!

Those of you familiar with Jamu will know that this is great for slimming. They also sells detox tea, diabetic tea, antioxidant tea, diuretic tea and even aphrodisiac tea.

There are tester products for customers to try out at Martha Tilaar.

Free free to ask the friendly staff on what products suit you.

They even have lipsticks and makeup products too.

Thanks Martha Tilaar for sharing with us so much of their wonderful products!!!
Now I know where to get my spa treatment products and hearbal tea!

Check out what I got from Martha Tilaar!!!

Martha Tilaar gives you a chance to pamper yourself a luxury spa treatment at home!!!

Try the Martha Tilaar-  Dewi Sri Spa Body Contour Massage Oil.

It's a natural massage forrmula from a blend of rice extract with lemon and patchouli essential oil, with a fresh subtle scent. Good for body massage.

And also Martha Tilaar-  Dewi Sri Spa Peach Delima Body Scrub

Gentle apricot granules enriched with rice and pomegranate extracts and vitamin C. Peach Delima Body Scrub helps remove dead skin cells, simulate skin regeneration and promote collagen production, bringing out softer and more luminous skin.

I do this twice a week! Feel so NICE!!! =)

Start pampering yourself to Martha Tilaar's products today!


About Martha Tilaar Group
Martha Tilaar Group was founded by Dr Martha Tilaar over 42 years ago with humble beginnings as a single beauty salon. Today, the group not only manufactures, markets and distributes over 10 different successful product brands in Indonesia, it also provides training, beauty counseling and spa services. Already a household name in Indonesia, Martha Tilaar continues to spread her unique and pioneering skills in developing what she describes as her ‘harmonious solutions’ to capture the hearts and minds of women and men beyond her native land.

Martha Tilaar listens to customers and delivers what they need in a uniquely Martha Tilaar way. It has been the reason the Martha Tilaar Innovation Center is so key to the brand, a place where inventive ideas become reality.
Marina Square 
6 Raffles Boulevard Marina Square, #02 - 341 
Singapore - 039594
Tel: +65 63383071

Jurong Point II
1 Jurong West Central 2, #B1-40 
Singapore 648886
Tel: +65 6791 9155

Visit their website:



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