The Tiffany Bridal Event‏

 Thanks TIFFANY & CO. for inviting me to their Sparkling Bridal Event.

Cupcakes and Diamond Ring Shaped Cookies 

The cupcakes looked too CUTE & LOVELY to be eaten...

 HongPeng who you proposing to with this TIFFANY & CO. Ring?

 The biggest diamond ring I ever seen...

 Models walked out with beautiful wedding grown with no Jewellery...
This is to show how important the jewellery will make a bride stand out even more beautiful.
Choose the right jewellry to match your grown and be the most beautiful bride on your big day!

Beautiful sparkling TIFFANY & CO. jewellery were put on to each models in front of the guest.
 Do you see the difference?

They say diamonds are woman's best friend...

 Shannon also like to join me in Camwhoring!!!!

 Zerika joining me too!!!

TIFFANCY & CO Jewellery are designed with world finest diamonds and unsurpassed in beauty and style. The acclaimed Tiffany Setting, introduced in 1886 and still the world's most sought after symbol of love.

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