Clover Films 1st Ever Blogger's Event

Thanks Clover Films for inviting me and TIN Bloggers to Clover Films 1st ever Blogger' Event!!!
During the event, we got to preview some Clover Films upcoming movies release from Oct 2014 to Mar 2015.

Refreshments and drinks were served!!!

The early birds!!!

Kevin Soh presenting to the bloggers some of the upcoming movies!

Thanks for the detailed introduction of each movie!
Your Chinese speaking is quite good!

The lucky draw winner- Sam

The Grand Prize go to THIANG!!!

Sam, Tselyn and Cookie

Angeline and Nich

 With Guan Wei

 With Tselyn and Cookie

With  Nich and Angeline

 Kevin and me

 Vivian and Kevin

 With Ck and Fash

With Chee Guan and Thiang the lovely couple!


During the event we also got to watch trailers of the 
upcoming Clover Films Movie Releases (Oct 2014- Mar 2015)!


“King of Mahjong” centers on the decade-long feud and eventual reunion of Huang Tian Ba (Mark Lee) and Ah Fatt (Chapman To), two top disciples of legendary mahjong guru, Master Ru. 20 years later, Huang Tian Ba, who is now a world-acclaimed mahjong magnate shows up in Ipoh to challenge Fatt to a final showdown – The International Mahjong King Competition. Despite Huang’s insistence, Fatt declines to join the competition as he is determined and contented to lead the life of a commoner. In a bid to force Fatt into the showdown, Huang abducts Fatt’s wife, Lei Meng Na (Michelle Ye). Fatt has no choice but to join the competition as Huang holds his wife as hostage. On the mahjong table, Fatt and Huang compete as the finalists; Ru Wu Chang’s secret mahjong technique and the truth comes to light as the winner emerges...

阿发(杜汶泽) 和阿顺(李国煌) 都是麻将天尊儒五常的徒弟。阿发在怡保老街角落 一间残旧咖啡店卖酿豆腐,这间小店生意不算很好,但也过得去,最主要是这里 有一群几十年的老顾客,因此生意无忧。阿发的妻子雷梦娜(叶璇) 多年前已经出 走,丢下他独自抚养女儿四喜,如今四喜已是个花样年华的少女。 阿发过了十多年轻松平静的日子,终于有一天,咖啡店来了一位不速之客之后, 就彻底改变了。此人其实是十届世界麻将大赛的冠军皇天霸。两人言谈中,透露 出对方叫“阿顺”(皇天霸),跟阿发是同门师兄弟。阿发本来以为师兄弟叙旧 十分开心,岂知对方却下战书,要阿发出席一场在新加坡的世界麻将大赛,一较 高低。
两师兄弟为何形同陌路,他们 20 岁那年到底发生了什么事...

Cast: Chapman To 杜汶泽 , Mark Lee 李国煌, Michelle Ye叶璇
Venus Wong 王敏奕, Adrian Tan 陈凯旋, Cheronna Ng 吴嘉熙, Eric Tsang 曾志伟, Lo Hoi Pang 卢海鹏, King-Tan Yuen 苑琼丹, Zhu Mi Mi 朱咪咪, Siu Yam-Yam 邵音音, Marcus Chin 陈建彬, Richard Low 刘谦益, Dennis Chew 周崇庆, Patricia Mok 莫小玲, Henry Thia 程旭辉, Jayley Woo 胡佳琪, Hayley Woo 胡佳嬑, Tian Xin 天心

Directed by: Adrain Teh
Genre: Comedy
Release date: 1st Quarter 2015



When her seven-year-old son dies in a tragic road accident, a grieving mother, Jia En (Jesseca Liu), seeks the help of her former caregiver, Mdm Seetoh (Liu Ling Ling), to bring back his soul so he can be ‘by her side’ at home.However, after several strange and deadly occurences in the house, she begins to suspect that there is something amiss with the soul she has brought back. In discovering what has really happened, she unravels the horrific truth ... a truth which may cost her her life and the lives of those around her.

当她的独生子因遇车祸不幸丧命时,一个伤心欲绝的嘉恩(刘子绚 饰)因为 沉浸于失子的悲伤,决定请小时候照顾她的保姆,司徒姐(刘玲玲 饰)协助 她把儿子的灵魂招回她身边。 经过一连串的奇异事件,嘉恩开始质疑自己之前所做的决定。当她渐渐发现迷 离事件的真相时,自己与周围的人却早已身处险境。一切是否还有挽回的余 地?

Cast: Jesseca Liu (刘芷绚), Jacko Chiang(蒋伟文), Liu Ling Ling (刘玲玲), Eelyn Kok (郭蕙雯)

Directed by: Lee Thean-Jeen
Genre: Horror
Release date: Jan 2015



Panic spreads the whole city as a series of bomb explosions happen within hours and this is just the beginning of a tight-knit conspiracy. Righteous and impulsive, Wu Ying-Xiong is paired up with the intelligent but arrogant loner Chen Zhen to track down the mastermind behind the bombing incidents. Soon Wu and Chen will discover that the bombings are just the prelude to a massive destruction. Stolen military missiles are now aimed at the Harbour City; moreover, a deadly virus is about to breakout, which is so highly contagious that it can devour the whole world in 14 days. All the chaos is planned by the Nightwalkers—a secret assassination squad which used to serve the highest government officials...

吳英雄和陈真发现,所有的炸弹客身份与重大通缉犯吻合,按順序接下來就是— 徐達夫 。這一次,吳英雄和陈真要面对的,是整個城市的瞬间毀坏,海港城陷入 空前危机。
他们真正的挑战还不只是这些,全城八百万市民之中,其中一人的身上种下了最 新的病毒“伊魯康及”,15 小时后在体內演化完毕,就会变成高傳染力的病 毒,开始在海港城進行大量的传染,14 天后世界都将陷入新世代“黑死病”...
Cast: Mark Chao, Lin Gengxin 赵又廷, 林更新

Directed by Tsai Yueh-hsun
Genre: Action
Release Date: 9 October 2014



The writer we now know as Xiao Hong was born Zhang Naiying on the day of the 1911 Dragon Boat Festival (June 1st) in Manchuria, north-east China. Her mother died when Xiao Hong was young and her estrangement from her tyrannical father sparked a long quest for an independent and emotionally satisfying life. She was rescued from destitution by hard-drinking fellow writer Xiao Jun, but their fraught and competitive relationship brought her more heartache than joy. She found a kindly and considerate surrogate father in the great writer Lu Xun. While evacuated to safer inland areas to escape the Japanese invasion of China – and on the rebound from what turned out to be the definitive break with Xiao Jun – she married another novelist from the North-east, Duanmu Hongliang. They fled together to Hong Kong in 1940. A month after Hong Kong, too, fell to the Japanese on Christmas Day of 1941, Xiao Hong died of tuberculosis at the age of 31. But several key episodes in her life remain obscure and disputed, even now.
上世纪二十至四十年代的中国,那是一个民气十足、海阔天空的时代,一群年轻 人经历了一段放任自流的时光,自由地追求梦想与爱情,有人在流离中刻骨求 爱,有人在抗争中企盼家国未来......萧红,一个特立独行的女子,一路流亡,从 北方到南方,从哈尔滨到香港,一边躲避战乱,一边经历着令人唏嘘又痛彻心扉 的爱情与人生。对生的坚强对死的挣扎在她笔下穿透纸背,她的人生亦是如此。

Cast: Tang Wei, Feng Shao Feng 湯 唯 , 馮紹峰
*71st Venice Film Festival Closing Film * Toronto International Film Festival 2014 Masters Selection *Busan International Film Festival 2014 Gala Presentation * Selected as the Hong Kong entry for the 87th Academy Awards Best Foreign Language Film

Directed by: Ann Hui
Genre: Drama
Release date: 16 October 2014



Based on true events, is the story of a group of fishermen who are driven into madness when their attempt to smuggle illegal migrants ends in a horrible tragedy.
Six crew members –led by the captain, is the kind-hearted chief engineer ‘Wan-ho’(Moon Sung-geun) who had an eventful life and lives hidden on the boat. To the naive and youngest crew member ‘Dong-shik’(Park Yoochun) who just started working aboard the ship recently– begin their dream of having their boat with a full load of fish. However on the open sea, they are transporting something, it is not meat but human beings!
To protect the ship and their livelihoods, Captain ‘Cheol-ju’(Kim Yoon-seok) suggests to his crew members the job in helping to smuggle [stowaways]. Numerous of stowaways who risks their lives and comes across the sea, and the six crew members who are on board a fated boat. Amid that, an unknown ‘sea fog’ to which they cannot see what’s in front of themselves comes down and they become swept into an uncontrollable accident...
《海雾》是以 2007 年首演的话剧原作为基础,刻画了走私船上人们的悲剧故 事。一尺之外都看不清楚的海雾...“海雾”涌现的瞬间,所有的一切都变了!有 一段时间在丽水海上纵横的“前进号”再也不能满载而归了,它成为了监测事业 的对象。面对失去船只的危机,船长哲洙(金允石饰)认为这是最后的机会,他 和船员一起搭上了旧渔船”前进号“。以船长为首,隐身在船上、为人淳厚的机 关长宛浩(文成根饰),不声不响地听随船长命令的行动派甲板长浩英(金尚浩 饰),认为钱是世界上最好的东西、性格粗鲁的滚轴手景求(刘承睦饰),无论 何时都忠实于需求的船员昌旭(李熙俊饰),刚开始船上工作的淳朴老幺船员东 植(朴有天饰),这六名船员怀抱满载而归的梦想出航。但是在茫茫大海之上, 他们运的并不是鱼而是人!船长哲洙为了保护生活根据地——船只,而向船员们 建议帮人偷渡。冒着生命危险远渡大海的无数偷渡者们,以及命运般地同坐一船 的 6 名船员。他们在让人连前方一尺都看不到的"海雾"出现之后被卷入了他们无 法控制事态发展的事件中...
Cast: Kim Yun-Seok, Park Yoo-Chun, Han Ye-Ri, Moon Sung-Geun, Kim Sang-Ho
* Selected as the Korea entry for the 87th Academy Awards Best Foreign Language Film

Directed by: Shim Sung-Bo
Genre: Drama
Release Date: 16 October 2014



Following 3 years of unrelenting search, Tian Wenjun (Huang Bo) and ex-wife Lu Xiaojuan (Hao Lei) finally locate their abducted son in a remote village. After the boy was violently taken away from the village, the heartbroken foster mother Li Hongqin (Zhao Wei) goes on a lone journey to get him (and her other child) back.
Cast: Zhao Wei, Huang Bo , Hao Lei,Tong Dawei 赵薇,黄渤,郝蕾,佟大为
* 71st Venice International Film Festival (Out of Competition) * Toronto International Film Festival 2014 Special Presentations

Directed by: Peter Chan
Genre: Drama
Release: October 2014



A martial arts instructor (Donnie Yen) working at a police academy gets imprisoned after killing a man by accident. But when a vicious killer (Wang Baoqiang) starts targeting martial arts masters, the instructor offers to help the police in return for his freedom.
甄子丹饰演的警队武术教练,因为一次私人恩怨错手杀人,成为阶下囚。饰演凶 悍连环杀手的王宝强,因为以香港武术界顶尖人物为杀人目标,引来警方追捕。 为了重获自由,甄子丹挺身而出帮助警方捉拿杀手。
Cast: Donnie Yen, Wang Bao Qiang, Charlie Yeung 甄子丹 、王宝强、杨采妮
* BFI London Film Festival 2014 Official Selection 

Directed by: Teddy Chan
Genre: Action
Release Date: 30 October 2014



Otaku (Jam Hsiao) and his roommate Mr. Cheap (Da Peng) as known as the ultimate geeks of their university. However, like any normal guy, their goal is to fall in love with their girls of their dreams. To get close to his goddess Mei (Xie Na), Mr. Cheap pretends to be a spoiled rich kid, appearing everywhere she goes. Meanwhile, the introverted Otaku tries to create a chance to talk to class beauty Ling (Maggie Jiang) by running into her in the hallway, only to have his plan fail awkwardly.
The school’s legendary couples party is fast approaching, and the only person to show up without a date will be etched on the “pillar of shame” and be mocked forever. To avoid this catastrophic fate, Otaku and Mr. Cheap decide to put away lame disguises and try winning their goddesses over by being sincere and earnest. With the dignities of geeks everywhere on the line, a fierce battle for love is about to kick off...."
阿宅和他的四位室友是标准的大学宅男。四个人都没有恋爱经验,不懂得和女生 相处,但是积极的想要在大学毕业之前告别单身,可是完全不知道女生在想什 么,自己幼稚的行为闹出了许多笑话,但他们依然执著努力的继续追爱。
“文艺宅男”阿宅(萧敬腾饰)和他的室友“屌丝宅男”抠男(大鹏 饰)是大学 里的“铁血纯屌丝”,他们最大的梦想就是可以献身女神。抠男为了接近他的 “太阳女神”川美(谢娜 饰),假扮富二代,在川美身边神出鬼没,闹出很多笑 话。而不善于表达的阿宅则通过“计算与奔跑”努力制造出一次次走廊偶遇,来 与“宅男女神”雅玲(江疏影 饰)搭话,但他这些伎俩总会被高冷的雅玲看穿, 最后尴尬收场。
一场建校以来最大的情侣 PARTY 举办在即,作为惯例,大家要成双入对出席, 这一晚仍单身的人,他的名字就将会被刻在学校的“耻辱柱”上,成为笑柄。在 这个危急存亡的关头,阿宅和抠男决定背水一战,化被动为主动,想尽方式求爱 献身,于是,一场角逐的“女神杯”大战降临。
Cast: Jam Hsiao, Maggie Jiang, Xie Na, Da Peng 萧敬腾,江疏影,谢娜,大鹏

Directed by: Chun Yen-Ping
Genre: Comedy/ Romance
Release Date: 30 October 2014



After losing his girl in a love triangle, Shen Ran falls in love with another woman, only to find himself still attached to his old flame. Meanwhile, his new love also finds herself torn between him and another young man.
这次的故事将会延续《单身男女》的发展,张申然依然对程子欣痴心一片,不过 在追求程子欣的同时,仍然洗不掉其花心本性,到处留情,而且更与他的红颜知 己杨千嬅发生暧昧关系。......
Cast: Miriam Yeung, Louis Koo, Gao Yuan Yuan, Vic Chou, Daniel Wu 杨千嬅、古天乐、高圆圆、周渝民、吴彦祖

Directed by: Johnnie Teo
Genre: Romance
Release Date: 13 Nov 2014



It has been three months since Nott (Punjan) lost his beloved girlfriend, Pla(Focus) in the motorcycle accident. His heart is full of guilt and sorrow and the only way for him to get through this is to meet Pla again in her after life. He tries to find a way to find back Pla’s soul and decides to join the emergency crew volunteer which he has to secretly picked up the belongings of the dead ones himself. He thinks that by doing that he will be able to find back Pla’s soul. However, things are not that simple. John (Jack) his friend at the volunteer foundation tries to tell him not to ask for problem, seeing spirits are not things to be taken lightly. Nott does not listen and continues to confront the haunting spirits hoping that they may be able to lead him to Pla. Will he be able to meet Pla ? Will he be able to tell Pla what he wants to? He has never expected that everything that is happening is actually under Pla watchful eyes...
Cast: Focus Jirakul, Chonnikan Netjui, Kittisak Patomburana

Directed by: Chookiat Sakveerakul
Genre: Horror
Release Date: 11 December 2014

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