VITASOY launches Singapore's first premium-grade organic sprouted packaged beancurd

What do you usually look out for when you buy tofu products from the supermarkets?
Is it the taste, texture of the tofu or whether is must be with certified "healthier choice" by HPB?

Vitasoy™recently launched Singapore's first premium-grade organic sprouted beancurd in no less than four varieties. This Packaged Beancurd are premium-tasting tofu products made with non-GMO 100% certified organic soybeans. Distinguished by its luscious and creamier taste, Vitasoy™ Packaged Beancurd is fortified with 25% higher calcium content as compared to regular tofu. The Vitasoy™ Tofu-Soup and Tofu-Steam products are formulated with Nigari-seawater extracts from Japan, yielding a smoother taste.

They are currently available at all major supermarkets, Vitasoy™ Packaged Beancurd comes in four variations:
- Vitasoy™ Tofu-Soup ($2.45)
- Vitasoy™ Tofu-Steam ($2.45)
- Vitasoy™ Pressed Tofu ($2.45)
- Vitasoy™ Tau Kwa ($1.85).

Health-conscious consumers will find the new Vitasoy™ tofu products irresistible, as they are all
certified "healthier choice" by HPB. They contain no cholesterol, trans-fat or preservatives, and have
a low lactose content. Vegetarians will certainly enjoy the richer flavour in all varieties of Vitasoy™
Packaged Beancurd which contain more nutrient than regular tofu.

Apart from its superior taste and texture, Vitasoy™ has also taken into consideration ease of food
preparation. With a new easy peel packaging available for the Vitasoy™ Tofu-Soup, Vitasoy™
Tofu-Steam and Vitasoy™ Pressed Tofu products, it is now safer and more convenient to open the
package without needing sharp objects.

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