MAGNOLIA Tropical Sling for a Burst of Apple and a Blast of Berry

Ice-cream are always a great treats to have whether to cool yourself down on a hot weather, or to complete a meal.

A great choice of icecream would be MAGNOLIA Tropical Sling Jolly!!!
I ate this since I was young and I would buy them after my school at the mama shop.

The cool creamy vanilla centre of every MAGNOLIA Tropical Sling Jolly is wrapped with a refreshingly cold lime ice confection. This all-time favourite treat that invigorates the senses now sports a new refreshing look and is now joined by a burst of apple and a blast of berry.

Yes, more FRUITY & TASTY!
 F&N Magnolia now has two new refreshing ice cream flavours:
 Magnolia Tropical Sling Apple Burst and Magnolia Tropical Sling Berry Blast 

Light and refreshing MAGNOLIA Tropical Sling Apple Burst is a delightful pineapple and apple flavoured ice cream with real pineapple bits enveloped by a cold burst of apple ice cream. The distinct taste of apples lend a familiar and yet ever so popular taste to this new product.

MAGNOLIA Tropical Sling Berry Blast- burst of flavour comes from a mouth-watering mix of mulberry, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry ice cream which caresses the pineapple flavoured ice cream with real pineapple bits centre. Berries have become increasingly popular and, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries rank among the top ten favourite berries.

These new prodcuts will be sold as singles and in multipacks and have been lovingly created by F&N Creameries, the source of delightful and tasty indulgence for generations. MAGNOLIA Tropical Sling Apple Burst and Tropical Sling Berry Blast retail at S$1.10 and S1.30 for a single stick at general retail stores and convenience stores respectively and at S$4.35 for a multipack of four sticks. It is available at convenience stores and all leading grocery outlets in Singapore.