Sentosa Spooktacular 2014

A village of murder. 
The pool smells of revenge. 
A state of psychedelia, 
The path never ends. 
 Are you truly alone? 

Sentosa Spooktacular 2014 continues its successful partnership with GTH, one of Thailand’s leading movie studios. Yes, that means there is a Thai theme to it. GTH’s 2011 award-winning horror hit movie, Laddaland will take the centre stage for Sentosa Spooktacular 2014. Fort Siloso will be transformed into the thematic haunted village of Laddaland.

With 2014’s new theme, thrill seekers can experience and explore the spine-chilling grounds and spooky features of Laddaland with scary, iconic scenes adapted from;
(1) Laddaland (2011)
(2) Alone (2007)
(3) Countdown (2012)
(4) The Swimmers (2014) *New Movie*

The Sentosa Spooktacular experience begins from the first step into event grounds this year. Visitors go through an immersive experience that envelopes them into the settings and atmosphere of Laddaland, a haunted village where horror lurks at any corner.

Once we stepped into the event grounds, we were greeted with ghostly houses and ghosts strolling throughout the street.

Photo Credit: Sentosa Spooktacular 

Sentosa’s Fort Siloso aptly fits the locale of Laddaland where GTH’s production crew can take advantage of Sentosa’s famous coastal artillery battery and convert the grounds into a complete integrated horror set, where participants venture into a land where horror lurks at any corner.


It was my first time here but having been to USS Halloween Horror Night 4 and other scare camps, I have had quite the experience of encountering ghosts.

There were 3 haunted houses as previously mentioned. We started off exploring the one themed The Swimmers and it was really a good choice. Not only was there less people queuing, it was also one of the haunted houses with a pretty high scare factor. Just entering the haunted house itself took quite some courage. We highly recommend you try this. Be ready to be frightened.

If you are looking for a more traditional haunted house, Alone, would be your bet, or so you would think. While it starts offs with a house setting, it later transforms into a garden and I must say that I was quite impressed with the props and the way they designed it.

With ghosts randomly appearing beside you while you wait for your turn at the haunted houses, you will have quite the fun waiting. If you think being chased by one ghost is bad, try being surrounded by a group of them as you decide to take some photographs. See lah, bo jio!

Overall, as a visitor, you can see the amount of effort put into designing the haunted houses and the specially prepared props. If you want to scare yourselves this Halloween, come down to Sentosa Spooktacular!

For more information, check out the Sentosa Spooktacular website ( and Facebook page (, where fear-enthusiasts can join in the journey of what lurks in Laddaland. Tickets can be purchased from the Spooktacular website (, or from Sentosa ticketing counters.

Guest Writer: Samuel Low



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