ILLUMI NATION- Asia's 1st Massive Glow-In-The-Dark Paint Party

Hello everyone!!!
Will you one of the thousands illuminated party goers at  ILLUMI NATION Party at Siloso Beach, Sentosa last night? Even if you will not there at the party, I believe you saw many of your friend posting photo of themselves with paint all over their body and face right?


Yes!!! A new party is born and I'm proud to be there last night with my friends to party at Asia's 1st Massive Glow-In-The-Dark Paint Party!!! This has got to be one of the best party ever with paint splashing everywhere and everyone are prepared to get themselves all dirty and fun!

And not forget to mention about the explosive beats from top international DJs like Dada Life, Martin Solveig and Bingo Players.

Layout of the party ground

Some photo taken last night while partying:

 The early party-goers...

Wooden Boards

 Photo booth

 VIP entrance

 My bro- Kevin posing with a illuminated water gun given by WOM.

 Hong Peng, Kevin and Lynn before getting themselves splashed with paint!

 WELL DONE with the splash!

 Photo time!!!

 GLOOOOWING in the dark!!!

 The alcohol drinks at the VIP section!!! My favorite is the champagne!!!

 Thanks for the great hosting!!! There were refreshment for us too!!!

 Thanks for feeding us with the mouth watering food!!!

 Smith ( and Chris

 James and Maybeline (

 My bro,Kevin and James

 Kaviel ( and me.

 Lynn and Kevin

 Hong Peng and myself

 The crowd at the Get Splashed area.

 Happy drinking moment with Maybeline!!!

 Lynn, Hongpeng and me!!! Cheers!!!

 Kaviel and the 2 pretties!

 Me and Marcus. This part here I was stripped by Maybeline and gang!!!
I don't have a good body to bare I must admit. Thanks to Maybeline who always want to strip me when I am high... I will train hard and have a better body to let her strip... =p

Sorry Marcus the photo was a bit blocked by something...
But I think it is quite special! Hope you both like the photo!


 Well look like we just went for a WAR!!! Hahaha...



We will be GLOWING AGAIN!!!

Looking forward to the ILLUMI NATION Party next year!!!
Check out photo posted by other party-goers under this 2 hashtags

and visit to find out more.