Enjoy quality French Cuisine at PAUL today!

Do you know that Food is incredibly important to the French?
Whether its buying at a market, preparing it at home, eating in cafe/ restaurant, buying fresh bread or artisan made cakes or cheese – the list just goes on and quality is the key.

And that is why at PAUL, you will be able to taste fresh and quality food.

Famous bakery-pâtisserie located in rue de la Mackellerie in Croix, near Lille belonging to the PAUL family in 1889.

PAUL is a family owned company which originated from France and built on the foundations of time-honoured production methods passed down through five generations. 

 PAUL now have more than 500 outlets worldwide today with PAUL bakeries in London, Washington, Dubai, Tokyo‚ … Six outlets have opened in Singapore, with the flagship branch in Takashimaya. Coming December 2014, PAUL will also open in Changi Airport. 

PAUL @ Marina Bay Link Mall
Most of the ingredients used at PAUL are all sourced from France. The 125-year-old French boulangerie also changes its menu every six months and diner will have something new to look forward to when visiting at the restaurant.

And if you have walk pass any of the PAUL's outlet, you will definitely stop and look at their delicious looking breads, viennoiseries and patisseries.

Everything look so good on display and you might spend some time to decide what you want.

Everything just looked so TEMPTING and YUMMILICIOUS!!!

If you are on the go, check out their sandwiches (below).

Huge Macarons!

Try some of their traditional butter viennoiseries.

Authentic French pastry breads

 I love the interiors...

A great place for dinning with friends and family.

The bread may looked pain but they tasted really nice with the butter.

Salade de la mer- Fresh seafood salad topped with prawns, mussels, octopus, avocado, grapefruit and slices of red radish.

Salad de la mer (S$20.90)
Tartine Boeuf - Beef lovers wil love the Tartine Boeuf dish at PAUL
Sirloin steak grilled to perfection on a bed of herb cream cheese, caramelised onions topped with a dash of balsamic glazing. Definitely a MUST TRY!

Tartine Boeuf (S$19.90)
 Longe de thonSeasoned tuna loin grilled to perfection served with roasted vegetables and seasonal cranberry sauce.
Longe de thon (S$29.90
Confit de canard- the classic dish of Perigord region of France is one of PAUL's favorite indulgences. The duck leg was marinated for 2 days and served with roasted vegetables and seasonal cranberry sauce.
Confit de Canard (S$28.90)
Eclair Paris-Brest, traditional choux pastry with hazelnut cream. The taste of the cream was really sweet and welcoming. Combining the two was really a good choice.

Eclair Paris-Brest (S$7.50)
Ending my meal at PAUL with Gaufre avec glace! The waffles is unlike usual waffles, it is CRISPY! Served with fresh fruit and perfect with vanila soft icecream and drizzle of homemade chocolate sauce
gaufre avec glacé (S$13.90)

PAUL is also a great place for your coffee session with friends!!!

The latest menu was launched on Oct 8 and you can find it in all six of PAUL’s outlets.
Takashimaya Shopping Centre, #03-16/17
Bakery tel: 68361914
Restaurant tel: 68365932

Tanglin Mall, #01-16/17
Bakery tel: 67363205
Restaurant tel: 67363257

Ocean Financial Centre Basement 1, #B1-01
Bakery tel: 66348580

Ocean Financial Centre Level 01
Bakery tel: 63349068
Restaurant tel: 66347686

Westgate, #01-05
Bakery tel: 63699082
Restaurant tel: 63699080

Marina Bay Link Mall, #B2-07
Bakery tel: 65098339
Restaurant tel: 65098329

Changi Airport Terminal 3, Departure Transite Lounge Central #02-36
(Opening in December 2014)

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