[Movie Review] The Eyes Diary

Are you a fan of Thai horror movie?
How far would you go to open your EYES to the realm of the dead?
Directed by one of Thailand most talented filmmakers Chookiat Sakverakul (“The Love of Siam”, “13 Sins”), The Eyes Diary 《鬼眼日记, is a Thai horror which tells the story about a young guy(Parama Im-anothai) whose girlfriend (Focus Jeerakul) dies in a motorbike wreck after they had a fight. He’s desperate to communicate with her "on the other side", and starts to collect personal objects from those who died from tragic deaths to bring him closer to the spiritual world...

The movie also starred four Thailand’s hottest young stars (Focus Jeerakul, Kawin Imanothai, Meiko Chonnikan N, Jack Kittisak)!

My review:
This is not just a scary movie but it is also a romantic & touching. 
There are also some funny scenes in the movie. 

My rating:

Watch movie trailer of  "The Eyes Diary" 《鬼眼日记:

Book your tickets now: http://bit.ly/1vjbAa3 ! 



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