Happy Ghosts and Zombies INVADED into Singapore Turf Club

Happy Ghosts and Zombies INVADED into Singapore Turf Club last night!!!

 Thanks Singapore Turf Club for inviting me to the Fangtastic Halloween last evening!

Upon entering the Happiness Room, we could see many spiders hanging on the ceiling!

 Even on Sofa!

Someone's hand...

 Food prepared by the Singapore Turf Club's chef.

Goulish "Boo" Stew

Dirty Rice
Tasted so great! Love it!

The small bites are so cute!

Halloween Mummy Dogs

Wicked Witches Eyeballs on Munich Seafood

Tempting looking desserts!!!

 Even ghost also feel hungry looking at it....

 Drinking champagne....
Keep Calm and Be Scary...

 That's my plate of yummilicious dinner at the party!!!

Come take a WEFIE everyone!!! 
Photographer suddenly pop out from behind! 

 The champagne served during the party is really quite good!

 Even the horse also love to drink!!! 
Guess who is behind the mask?

 Yes! That is Darren!

I kenna Zombie attack!!!

 Thank to the great make up done by the makeup artist at the event!

 Selfie with Hongpeng.

 Opps! Kenna spotted being too vain!

 With Vivian

 With Dawn

 With Shaun and Dawn

 Dawn with her coloured contact lens!


 Let have some wefies!!!

 Smith and Chris were so adorable!!!

 Sam and Tselyn at the counter placing a bet for the horse race!

 No.8- Blue Lagoon!!! The horse that won in one of the race! Me, Shaun and Dawn happened to bet on it and we each won some money!!!

 Yeah WE WON!!!

Our winning ticket!

 I was really lucky that evening! I was just using my instinct to guess on No.8- Blue Lagoon!

 Best Dressed Winners- Melvin and  Jacqueline

 Best Dressed Winners- Jac and her partner

 Best Dressed Winner- Smith and Chris

 Hongpeng's biggest smile!!!

 Vivian trapped by the evil spiders!

 Shaun to the rescue but too late.... Vivian got the poison from the spider which caused her hair to turn WHITE!
 Vivian turning wild! Opps!

 Hongpeng also kenna poisoned that night!

Jasmine and Vivian



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