My "No Regret" experience with Scoot Airline for my BKK trip!!!

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Today I'll be sharing with you guys my experience flying with Scoot as you know recently I went to Bangkok for my holiday!

I took the Scoot Economy Class for my Bangkok trip with Scoot!

 I wanted a budget airline for my Bangkok trip and did some flight research and had chosen Scoot Airline. It was my first time flying with Scoot airline and I'm really excited to onboard Scoot's Boeing 777 airplane. 

Many people may have impression that Scoot is a budget airplane, but when I got up the plane, I don't really feel it is budget at all. Read on and you will find out my "NO REGRET" experience!

The check-in counter at Singapore Changi Airport .

Some guides for Scoot's passengers.

Woo!!! You can grab this discount voucher at the counter if you intend to eat during your flight!!!

From left: Hong Peng, Kevin and myself.
Hongpeng got the window seat!
Check out his blog for some really beautiful photo!

Love the spacious legroom!

A live demonstration of flight safety rule by the Scoot air stewardess before our departure.

Check out what SCOOT CAFE are offering from the menu in front your seats!!!

Hot meals are available!

Just feel like eating something light? They have several option available too!

How about savoury delights?

Or you like some alcohol?

Non alcohol drinks are available too!

Sweet treats for those with sweet tooth!

You may  purchase their ‘Inflight Entertainment’, to enjoy the Scoot entertainment service known as ‘ScooTV’ by connecting to their gogoinflight WiFi hotspot and watch your favourite movies/dramas via your personal tablet/laptop. 

All you have to do is to install the Gogo Video Player to stream ScooTV. iPad users must download the app before the flight. All other device users may download the app inflight.

For more information about ScooTV, visit Scoot Inflight Entertainment Website to find out how it works! Simply follow their step by step guide!

Helpful flight crew who go around assisting passenger to make sure they have a wonderful flight experience with Scoot!


Top 5 reasons why you should choose Scoot Airline:
-Comfortable and Safe flight. 
-Spacious legroom. 
-Friendly and helpful staff. 
-Always have great promotion. 
-Not like a budget airline at all.

Do follow Scoot Facebook Page and 
visit the Scoot website to check out the latest updates and promotion now! 

Hope you guys have a wonderful Scootin' experience with Scoot Airlines too.