Feeling bloated after a great meal? Enzplex is here to rescue!!!

Are you a food lovers? Do you feel bloated sometime after your meals?
Recently some Lifestyle and Food Influencers took up a 15 minutes Food Challenge at Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant

I must say the Japanese buffet here is really good and it is hard to resist the temptation of not eating more since you are paying for the buffet already.

Scroll down and find out which influencer won in the food challenge 
and also how some of the influencer felt after the food challenge.

So for the start, let me introduce the influencers to you!!!

Joe Yang (aka Mighty Foodie)
Joe is passionate about photography and takes amazing delicious looking food photo!

Joey Ching How
Joey is a Lifestyle and Foodie Influencer

Michelle Nah
Michelle loves shaing her journal of her journey for food, travel and the musings.

Hannah Chia
Hannah Chia created her blog to to share bits and pieces of her life, 
be it food related, beauty related or lifestyle related issues.

Lee Zi Peng (aka Zippy)
Zippy claimed that he is NOT a photographer - just someone who likes to take a mixture of food , people & random things in life. But he takes amazing photo!

Here is a video snippets of the food challenge:

Zippy's food challenge video:

Joey's Food Challenge Video

Joe's Food Challenge Video 

A video posted by JOE_YANG (@mightyfoodie) on

Michelle's Food Challenge Video

Congrats to Joe for being the winner of the food challenge! 

He finished 16 plates of food in 15 minutes!

After the challenge, the Influencers were given Enzyplex to help improve their digestion and reduce stomach discomfort, such as bloating and expressive gas. 

If you also have similar problems after your meal, do try out Enzyplex Digestive Enzymes today!


(Photo credit: Evilbean)

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