Everyone is talking about POKEMON GO!!!

Everyday on the street, in the bus, at the parks, you'll see people of different ages playing Pokemon Go. What are the Pros and the Cons of playing this game.

1) Promote more walking which is definitely good for health
2) More bonding time with friends and parent with kids.
3) Easy to create a conversation with others.
4) Not sure what to do on with your date? This could be one of the activity you can both do together. Plus you need not spend much money.

1) Lack of time spend with your partner who don't play Pokemon Go
2) Poor self-hygiene because you are too “busy” with your involvement of the game and you don't take time out to shower, eat, brush your teeth and hair or otherwise take care of yourself.
3) Walking and suddenly stop in the middle of the pavement and block other people.
4) Lack of sleep
5) Lack of productivity at work/ school assignment

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Do you think Pokemon Go is taking over the world? How long will this last?
Many people have already started to tap onto this game to "LURE" people to their shops.
There were even people selling their service to help Pokemon trainers to level up. Does this even make sense? The whole idea of this game is that you need to play yourself and walk that distance. So I think for those who use cheats are definitely a loser.

Well even food and accessories related to Pokemon Go are also selling like hotcakes!

Family Pokemoning time with kids. 

Is this for real?

Some say Hougang is a popular spot to catch Pokemon!

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Pokemon Go Power Leveling Service $25/hr 
This may not be fun if you use money to level up.
But some people will still do it for sure.

2 hrs:Lvl 1-Lvl 10*
8 hrs: Lvl 1-Lvl 20*
Buy 8hrs: Free 1 hr ($200)

*All prices stated are in Singapore Dollars.
Contact: (Brandon-92965392)(WhatsApp/SMS) if you are interested.

Just hit Level 30 2 weeks after Pokémon Go has been released in Singapore. 10 days into playing Pokémon Go n I've slowly slipped away from Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, lol 😹 Anyone who needs Power Leveling Service without the use of Hack, Bot or Program can contact me. Will log in your account on my iPad so I do not need your physical device and be from any country. Price: S$25/hr S$200 = 9hrs (Free 1 Hour) *All prices stated are in Singapore Dollars. Contact: (Brandon-92965392)(WhatsApp/SMS) if you are interested. Progress: Level 1 - Level 10 = Within 2 Hours ($50) [45,000 XP] Level 1 - Level 20 = Within 8 Hours ($200) + Free 1 Hour = 9 Hours [210,000 XP] Level 20+, refer to the prices stated above. #pokemon #pokemongo #pokemonsg #pokemonsingapore #pokemongosg #pokemongosingapore #brandontan91 #catchemall #gottacatchemall
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Pokemon Go gathering organized by Marine Crescent Ville RC

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If you are a Pokemon Trainer, enjoy the following 
discount, giveaway and promotions!!!!

3 Pokestop in 1 Churros Shop. 

[Starker Fresh Beer Singapore's Pokemon Go Giveaway]

Take part and win to win $20 dining vouchers.

[Cold storage's Pokemon Go Giveaway]

Win special Pokèmon Go Survival Pack worth $100, Dairy Farm shopping vouchers & goodies (10 Winners)!

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Apparrels associated with Pokemon Go

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[Anymap's Pokemon Go Giveaway]

Wanna stand a chance to win in a lucky draw by dropping pins on our new "Best Pokemon Hunting places in SG" map on our Anymap app today? It's only 2 easy steps ✌🏼️ Bookmark this map then drop pins to locations in Singapore that are not already pinned in this current map and you are all up for a lucky draw! Interesting prizes can be won!✨ What are you waiting for? 😊 . . Download our app today and bookmark the map on ‘Best Pokemon Hunting Places in SG' if you haven't done so! For Android users: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=stealth.sg.anymap&hl=en For iOS users: https://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/id1045910254 #pokemongo #pokemongosingapore #pokeballs #catchthemall #pokehunting #pikachu #sgcontest #pokemon #exploresg #catchpokemon #singapore #pokemonsg #bulbasaur #charmander #magikrap #zulbat #rarepokemon #pokestops #pokegym #anymapsg #discoversg #dragonair #golbat #pokemoncoins #snorlax
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[Face To Face Noodle House SG's Pokemon Go Giveway]
Win a free value combo meal!

[FoodPanda Singapore's Pokemon Giveaway]

[Naiise Singapore's Pokemon Go Giveaway]
Win vouchers worth of $550 from @thefunempire!
With activities like Bubble Bump, Pool Ball and much more lined up, you're sure to have a blast with these guys!

[Junction 10 Pokemon Go Giveway]
Embark on a Pokemon adventure @junction10sg and stand to win attractive prizes!

[Ah Kong Den Pokemon Go Giveaway]

[Free Wifi from Ah Kong Den for you to play Pokemon Go]

[Pikachu Churros] Too bad this is not available in Singapore. Maybe someone smart will start selling somewhere... Just wait...

[Sogurt Singapore's Pokemon Go Discount]
Here's a chance for ur ENTIRE TEAM to get a WHOPPING 30% OFF for one whole week!

[Catch Pokemon fever with ShePlusPride on 27 Aug at Dorothy's Bar ]
Exchange intelligence on the where and how or simply exchange phone numbers with the hot Pokemon catching girls Be with the brave. Be cool. Be Pokemon Go! Gotta catch 'em all!

[KAMS Pokemon Go Giveaway]
Stand a chance to win a Pokeball Powerbank worth $50!!

[Pokemon Go Handphone Casing]

The first 50 shoppers daily gets to redeem a$2 OFF voucher!

Do we really need this?

Wanna be a Pokémon Master? Wanna Catch 'em all? Using this Poke Aimer will help with that. Many of my friends (including myself) who tried it, said that it helped them catch much easier. I would say it doubled my chances of getting Great or Excellent throws and never throwing the Pokeballs to the wrong direction. Link on my Bio 😸 Benefits: Increases Accuracy Increases Success Catch Rate Saves Pokeballs Always Throw in a Straight Line Increases XP with Better Throws Colors available: Black | White | Red | Blue | Pink | Turquoise | Silver | Gold (S$6) Meet up or delivery available in Singapore. Contact Regina at 82888869 for a quicker response. (WhatsApp/SMS) #pokemon #pokemongo #pokemonsg #pokemonsingapore #pokemongosg #pokemongosingapore #brandontan91 #catchemall #gottacatchemall #Pokémon
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Patissez Singapore presents you PokeDonut!!!

[Beans n Cream's Pokemon Go Discount]

Get FREE PokéCoins for your Pokémon Go from AC Music

PokéCoins Rewards - by AC Music Get FREE PokéCoins for your Pokémon Go! 2 PokéWays: PokéWay 1) Get FREE 1200 PokéCoins when you attend our FREE Trial Lesson. PokéWay 2) Get FREE 5200 PokéCoins when you attend our FREE Trial Lesson & sign up for any of our courses on the same day. WHATSAPP / CALL 9683 8855 or 9877 1931 for more details now!!! Promotion expires 31/08/16. Courses Eligible For PokéCoins Rewards Programme: - Professional Singing Course - Pop Keyboard Course - Pop Piano Course T&Cs apply: FREE 1200 PokéCoins 1) Free trial lessons must be conducted before 10th Sep 2016. 2) Free trial lessons are not allowed to be rescheduled when fixed. FREE 5200 PokéCoins 1) All T&Cs of FREE 1200 Pokécoins apply 2) Courses must commence before 30th Sep 2016. #acmusicsg #acmusic #sgmusicschool #privatecoaching #sgvocallesson #sgsinginglessson #sgmusic #singapore #musicschool #freebiessg #sgfreebies #sggiveaway #giveawaysg #freemusiclessons #freevocallesson #freesinginglessons #sglocaltalents #pokemon #pokemongo #sgpokemongo #sgpokecoins #sgpokestops
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[Cathay Lifestyle's Pokemon Go Giveaway] 
Stand to win movie vouchers!

[ION's Pokemon Giveaway] 
Redeem a complimentary milk tea or ice cream, 5 ION+ points* & $5 voucher*, plus a chance to win $50 vouchers!

[Real Yoga's Pokemon Giveaway] 
Join in the fun at Real Yoga and win big!

A photo posted by Real Yoga (@realyogasg) on

[Tippy Singapore Pokemon Go Discount]

[No Frills Factory Outlet Pokemon Go Giveaway]

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[Shrove Tuesday's Pokemon Go Discount]

Hope you guys like this article!
Do enjoy some of the discount available and also take part in the giveways to win some prizes!

Good luck to you! If you saw another promotions or anything that are interesting related to "Pokemon Go", please email to william82sg@hotmail.com.

I will definitely add them in this article to share with everyone.
 Have fun pokemoning and sharing photo on Instagram!
#PokemonGoSG #PokemonGo

If you still have not download this game, download them at
Apple Store
Play Store



  1. so funny!! especially the no showering part! We have a lot of pokemon parties here in PH also. :)

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