Mid-Autumn Festival (2017) at Baker's Well

This mid-autumn, tease your palate with these exquisitely crafted snowskin mooncakes! 
Baker's Well just launches 6 snowskin flavors this year - Champagne Truffle, Yuzu Truffle, Rum & Raisin Truffle, Salted Black Sesame Truffle, Matcha Truffle and the latest addition Earl Grey Lavender! 

They are not only aesthetically pleasing but equally appeasing to the taste buds plus they are also less in sugar for customers who seek healthy good baked products. Pair them with your cup of your favourite tea too.

Tracing back to the humble beginnings of Baker’s Well in 2004, Baker's Well started out as a small labour of love striving to produce wholesome and truly homemade products from our ovens. One of their beliefs and fundamentals - to always produce lovingly made products that everyone can genuinely enjoy.

Baker's Well 
Opens daily 8am to 9pm
35 East Coast Road Sp 428754
6348 6864

(Enjoy 20% for Cash & Carry/Pre-Order from 15th Aug 2017 onwards)

For roadshows as listed below:
 (Enjoy 15% Cash & Carry/Pre-Order 5/9/17 to 17/9/17
10% Cash & Carry/Pre-Order 18/9/17 to 22/9/17 )

Takashimaya B2 Atrium
31 Aug- 4 Oct
10am to 10pm daily

Vivocity, L1 Atrium
10am to 10pm daily

Suntec City East Atrium
11 Sep- 4 Oct
10am to 10pm daily



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