Purify Skin & Deep Cleanse Your Pores with Garnier Men Turbolight Oil Control Matcha Deep Clean Foaming Gel

Garnier Men have recently launched 2 new products - Garnier Men Turbolight Oil Control Matcha Deep Clean Foaming Gel and Garnier Pure Active Matcha Deep Clean Blackhead & Pore Purifying Clay Mask!

(NEW) Garnier Men Turbolight Oil Control 
Matcha Deep Clean Foaming Gel

This is the 1st foaming gel from Garnier Men- gentle on skin compared to foams, respects skin’s natural moisture.

Well there are so many different kind of products in the market nowadays and sometime I'm also lost and wondering which is good. Every one of us has got different skin types and it is thus important to find the right product that suits your skin type.

I'm pretty sure some of you guys are not sure what is the differences between a foam cleanser, a gel cleanser and a scrub?

Foaming Cleansers - They are lightweight and a great solution for those looking to combat oily or acne-prone skin. Not only are they well-equipped to calm an inflamed complexion, but they’re built to break down trapped dirt and debris. They can be a little more drying compared to other cleansers and are recommended for those with oily or acne-prone skin. 

Gel Cleansers - They are gentler as compared to foam cleansers. Gel cleansers often also contain active ingredients to help combat acne or chemically exfoliate the skin. Gel cleansers work well for all skin types and to be honest I sometime use them on my back where there is acne.

Scrubs -  They contains tiny granules which removes dead skin cells. As the name “scrub” implies, they can be rough on our skin and thus need not to be used daily as doing so can irritate the skin. With regular use of facial scrubs, the skin becomes smooth and glowing, exposing new skin. 

If you are looking for a facial cleanser that purifies your skin & deep cleanses pores from oil & dirt, get the Garnier Men Turbolight Oil Control Matcha Deep Clean Foaming Gel. The key ingredient contained in this cleanser is the antioxidant matcha (anti-inflammatory & good for skin detox). I personally tried them and they are not harsh on skin during and after wash 

$4.75 each (50% off) at all leading retailers for month of September (U.P.: $9.50 each)

How to use

Simply squeeze a little onto your palm

Dispense an adequate amount onto your palm and fully lather by adding a little water. 

Gently cleanse the face with the foam in a massaging motion.

Then wash off with lukewarm water.

Other Garnier Men top-selling cleansers 

 1. AcnoFight Anti-Acne Scrub in Foam (No. 1 selling Garnier Men product in 2016) 
- Fights 12 signs of acne and dullness with Salicylic Acid and Herba Repair

 2. TLOC Anti-Impurities Charcoal Foam 
- Removes oil and dirt for brighter skin with Charcoal and Black Tea 

3. TLOC Anti-Shine Brightening Cooling Foam 
- Removes excessive oil and grease for clean brightened skin with Lemon Extract and Mineral Clay - Cooling feel upon application

(NEW) Garnier Pure Active Matcha Deep Clean Clay Mask 

I love Clay masks! They’re easy to apply, fun to use and are great at delivering results. Try the NEW Garnier Pure Active Matcha Deep Clean Clay Mask that will help reduce blackheads and purify pores in just 3 minutes

1. Kaolin clay – Absorbs oil and removes toxins and dirty 
2. Antioxidant matcha – reduces redness, diminishes signs of ageing and rejuvenates skin 

$2 for 2 sachets at all major retailers. 
Keep a lookout for the discount bins at these retailers.

How to use
Apply on clean and dry skin, avoiding the eye and lip area. 
Upon application on your face, you will feel an onsen warming effect.
The mask warms up (for a short while)  which helps to open up pores for deep cleansing.
Leave on for 3 minutes then rinse off with luke warm water. Use once or twice a week

If you don't have the habit of masking, you should start now!

For just a few (relaxing) minutes a day, your skin will go through a noticeable transformation that you can see and feel. You may look silly having your face coated, but that makes it all the more fun! It's even more fun helping your friend or loved one applying the clay mask!