Sparkle with Bausch + Lomb’s New LACELLE Grace Daily Cosmetic Contact Lens

Great news to all contact lens wearers! As we approach the end of September, the leading global eye health company, Bausch + Lomb is retailing its new LACALLETM Grace Daily disposable cosmetic contact lens, which can be found at leading Optical Chain and Optical Retail Outlets!

At the launch party, we were dazzled by the glitzy setup, highlighting three unique and intricate lens designs that add sparkle to the eye – Crystal Brown, Twinkle Brown and Sparkling Black.

Created for comfort and style, the lenses were developed with 55% of water content and high-moisturising Methacrylic Acid (MAA) content to keep eyes moist and comfortable all day long.

Designed with thin and tapered lens edge, LACELLETM Grace Daily cosmetic contact lens also increases wearing comfort by reducing friction between the lens and the eyelid during blinking. Since the lenses looked so appealing, I couldn’t resist trying on a pair of the Crystal Brown lenses. Crystal Brown has a lighter shade than Twinkle Brown. 

I was deeply satisfied that the colour complements and enhances the Asian eyes perfectly, at the same time, bringing a soft, elegant look. After 8 hours of wearing them at work and doing a fair bit of reading, my eyes were still hydrated.

In addition, with advanced colour treatment, Bausch + Lomb uses the Micro-Encapsulation Technology (MET) in LACELLETM Grace Daily to encapsulate the FDA-approved colour pigments (iron oxide and titanium oxide) within the lens so as to prevent any direct contact of the pigments with the eyes. This makes it non-toxic and non-irritating to the eye; an important feature that all lenses should have.

Having said all these, with comfort and beauty all-encompassing in Bausch + Lomb’s latest LACALLETM Grace Daily disposable cosmetic contact lens, we can be sure to look sharp and confident throughout the day!

Each box of LACALLETM Grace Daily disposable cosmetic contact lens retails for $60 per box of 30 pieces*. From now till 31st Oct 2017, Bausch + Lomb is having a promotion price at $100 for two boxes and $190 for four boxes. Available at leading Optical Chain and Optical Retail Outlets.

* Price current at the time of this write-up.

Post written by Magdalene Tan. Follow her on Instagram,




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