Top Mooncake Picks in Singapore

Mid-Autumn Festival 2017

Held on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, this 3,500 year old tradition is devoted to reunions and is held to worship the moon. As well as celebrating a year’s harvest and praying for another year of bountiful harvest. But nowadays we use this opportunity to show our elder’s respect by giving them these Mooncakes as a sign of our filial. 

Below are some of my top Mooncake picks.

Mandarin Orchard

Mandarin Orchard unveils Limited Edition Mini Baked Mooncake with Japanese ingredients: Matcha Red Bean, White Kidney Bean, Japanese Chestnut and Japanese Purple Potato (S$75 for 8 pieces, 2pcs per flavour).

All mooncakes are elegantly presented in a custom-designed red gift box that feature an intricate lattice pattern. They will be made available from 29 Aug - 4 Oct 2017 Mandarin Orchard's Festive Counter (Lvl 1).

For orders or enquiries, you may call
68316320/ 6262 or email .

Conrad Singapore

Conrad Singapore launched their luxurious Mooncake Collection, packaged in a luxurious box (Three colours – Burnt Orange, Red or the limited edition Luxe Golden Flower)

Brought back by popular demand, savour the signature Sweet Potato Mooncake in Crispy Filo Pastry ($68 for eight). This year, Conrad also introduce the Custard and Bak Kwa in Crispy Charcoal Filo Pastry ($68 for eight), featuring a perfect combination of melt-in-your-mouth custard and BBQ pork bits!

Mooncake lovers can also look forward to their new mini snowskin flavours. One of which is the Gin & Tonic snowskin mooncake which packs a punch. The other new tantalising flavours include Bubble Tea with Butterscotch, Mango Cream Cheese and Green Tea with Yuzu Truffle. Other perennial mooncakes on offer include a selection of Traditional Baked with White Lotus Paste and Chia Seed, Mixed Nuts, Single and Double Yolk in White Lotus Paste.

Advance and online purchases can be made at, call 6432 7486/9 or email

Goodwood Park Hotel

We all know that Goodwood Park Hotel is renown for their durian pastries and mooncakes! This Mid-Autumn, they introduces 3 NEW SNOWSKIN FLAVOURS, Prickly Pear with Bergamot Snowskin Mooncake ; Apple Cider Snowskin Mooncake ; and Root Beer Snowskin Mooncake. They are pillow soft and melt-in-your-mouth!

Available from 23 August to 4 October 2017, these irresistible mooncakes are all freshly made with no preservatives and presented in elegant boxes with exquisite Oriental illustrations.

To order: ,
call 6730 1867/68 or email

*Last pre- order date is 28 September 2017, 5pm. Don't miss out the early bird discount and card promotions (Info available at their website).

Golden Moments

The Signature Premium Durian Snowskin Mooncake - 100% pure Mao Shan Wang encased in a wholesome healthy bamboo charcoal snowskin and finished with a touch of golden dust.

Boasting smooth and creamy durian flesh, it possesses a bitter sweet taste. This star will captivate the hearts of durian lovers!

The mooncakes are created with love by three young Singaporeans including lifestyle and travel influencer, IG: @sammmsation, who wish to bring families closer through lovingly handcrafted durian delicacies.

Not forgetting to mention there is the #TGFT (Treasure Golden Family Time) campaign that advocates treasuring golden family time and has reached out to more than 500 participants who have shared heartfelt messages to inspire and encourage the importance of golden family time.

Learn more about their social movement, #TGFT by visiting .

For those who wish to enjoy their exclusive online discount of 10%, you can make your purchase at

Sheraton Towers Singapore

Overwhelmed by too many funky mooncake choices? You won't go wrong with these classic all-time favourites from Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant at the
The Four Treasure Box (S$78) comes with four different classic flavours:- White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolks- White Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk- White Lotus Seed Paste- Mixed Nuts.

Mooncakes are available at Sheraton Towers Singapore lobby, Takashimaya, Raffles Xchange, Junction 8, Jurong Point, Tampines Mall and Full of Luck Club.

Promotion from 4 September - 4 October 2017, enjoy up to 20% discount off mooncakes with participating credit cards.

Carlton hotel Singapore

This year, Carlton hotel Singapore creatively designed a decorative tin box in a brilliant shade of rubine red and gold to pay homage to the Jade Rabbit. Speckled with embossed rabbits amidst the golden clouds.

The aesthetically pleasing box together with a selection of exquisitely traditional baked mooncakes alongside handcrafted snowskin mooncakes will definitely makes an excellent gift for business associates, loved ones or simply for personal collection.

Available for sale from 4 September to 4 October 2017. Learn more about our mooncake offerings here:

Baker’s Well

Tease your palate with these exquisitely crafted snowskin mooncakes!
Baker’s Well just launches 6 snowskin flavors this year - Champagne Truffle, Yuzu Truffle, Rum & Raisin Truffle, Salted Black Sesame Truffle, Matcha Truffle and the latest addition Earl Grey Lavender! They are not only aesthetically pleasing but equally appeasing to the taste buds! This goes well with a cup of your favourite tea too.

Go to their website or their shop at 35 East Coast road.

Discover a whole new tasting experience with Bakerzin CRÈME DE LA CRÈME MOONCAKE COLLECTION 2017!Savour relish traditional classics made with a touch of finesse from premium ingredients paired with aromatic Chinese teas for the ultimate indulgence.

▪Ginger Mooncake
▪Tom Yum Mooncake
▪ American Ginseng Mooncake
▪Sakura Ebi Mooncake ...

▪Chicken Bak Kwa Wu Ren Mooncake
▪Tangerine Wu Ren Mooncake
▪Classic Melon Seed Mooncake. ▪Chicken Bak Kwa Wu Ren Mooncake
▪Tangerine Wu Ren Mooncake
▪Classic Melon Seed Mooncake. ...

▪Premium Egg Yolk Blend Mooncake

▪Premium Egg Yolk Blend Mooncake
▪Classic Melon Seed Mooncake

All mooncakes are available for orders at all Bakerzin outlets
and eshop .

Concorde Hotel

Celebrate the mid-autumn festival with exquisite selection of Mooncakes from Concorde Hotel Encased in a superb LED mirror chest which instantly lights up when opened, the chest also doubles up as a jewellery box after the mooncakes have been devoured. I'm sure this would be a lovely gift for your loved ones and business associates.

* Pioneer Generation Card holders can purchase a maximum of 2 boxes of mooncakes at a special rate* of $46.00 nett per box.
* Early birds enjoy 20% discount* when a purchase is made between before 3
September 2017
* *Only one discount can be applied at any one time
* All mooncakes are Halal-certified and prices listed are in Singapore dollars and inclusive of 7% GST.
For more information on their mooncakes
Call 6734 0393 or 6733 8855

Regent Singapore
Regent Singapore never fails to amaze us with its unique mooncake packaging design every year. This year’s theme of “Mid-Autumn Flavours" is showcased in yet another unique carry-and-go mooncake box design. A structured box made out of premium fine-grained pine wood, the box is a creative interpretation of a spice carrier, with scenes of old Singapore intricately etched in an illustration that reminisces the spice trade commerce on the Singapore River in the 1800s.

Mooncakes are encased in champagne gold-tinted tins. When the Mooncake festival is over, the tin can be reused as airtight spice containers; giving an innovative touch to this assembly of a reusable and multi-purpose spice box that will be a fine adornment for kitchens at home.

Regent Singapore introduces 2 NEW spice-infused snowskin mooncakes (Pineapple and Pink Peppercorn Snowskin Mooncake and Cinnamon Red Bean with Spiced Wine Snowskin Mooncake), each is carefully handcrafted using premium quality flour for the melt-in-your-mouth texture. There’s even D24 Durian snow skin mooncake, made from pure silky-smooth D24 durian pulp for the ultimate indulgence.

For orders or enquiries, you may call +65 6725 3239,
Email or head to their online shop on Facebook.

Si Chuan Dou Hua

In this Mid-Autumn Festival, savour some of Si Chuan Dou Hua’s signature Baked Filo Pastry Yam Paste Mooncake with Single Yolk (酥皮芋泥月饼). The crispy skin combines beautifully with the smooth and aromatic yam paste yam paste filling that melts gently in the mouth with a satisfying finish. 😋

Ensuring the freshness of the pastry, each mooncake is freshly prepared before sale or collection by guests.

* Online purchases of mooncakes, Chinese tea leaves, tea sets and accessories: A 15% discount with discount code ‘mooncakes2017’ from 1 September to 4 October 2017.

* Early bird special: UOB Cardmembers enjoy a 25% discount from 1 to 15 September 2017. * Sale period: A 15% discount applies for UOB, OCBC, DBS and Maybank cardholders from 16 September to 4 October 2017.

Orders can be made at all Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurants and online at

Raffles Hotel Singapore

Try these handcrafted snow-skin Mooncake creations from Raffles Hotel Singapore!

Strawberry Yoghurt and Crunchy White Chocolate Pearl Snow-Skin Mooncake- The delicate colours of strawberry pink and yoghurt white contrast with the robust flavours and opposing textures of the crunchy white chocolate pearl, making this mooncake a delicious confectionery.

One of Singapore’s most sought after Champagne Truffle and Ganache Snow- Skin Mooncake. Enjoy this consistently perfected delicacy with the best of company and glasses of exquisite champagne. It is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity that is uniquely Raffles.

Returning flavours are three enchanting delights; Earl Grey Tea and Chocolate Pearl Truffle Snow-skin Mooncake , filled with Earl Grey tea-infused milk chocolate, dainty puff cereal pearls and wrapped in dark chocolate, Dark Chocolate Crunchy Pearl Snow-skin Mooncake , with its vibrant and smooth green snow-skin, presents a refreshingly light minty taste, while the Raffles Cognac Truffle Snow- skin Mooncake, features a divine blend of brandy and dark chocolate truffle.

Raffles Mooncakes will be available through the following:
 • Online purchases are available at from now till 25 September 2017.
 • The mooncake festival booth will be available daily at the Martini Bar at Bar & Billiard Room, located at Raffles Singapore, from 20 August to 4 October 2017, 9am to 8pm.

For further enquiries, please contact the Raffles Mooncake Team at +65 6412 1122 or email

The Connoisseur Concerto

Indulge in heavenly tastes this Mid-Autumn, TCC brings a twist to the conventional mooncakes with five NEW novelty snowskin flavours from both the alcohol and non-alcohol collection.

I like the refreshing Zesty Yuzu Bacardi snowskin mooncake and their best seller Baileys Amore snowskin mooncake.

Show your love by sending luscious mooncakes to your family and friends. Don't miss the early bird discount which ends on 10 Sept 2017.

More details can be found in their website and shops.

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

Traditional Baked Mooncake vs SnowskinMooncake : Which is your favourite?
Why not have them both from Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium.

Choose from Xin's Signature Mini Egg Custard with Yolk (S$60 for 6), Peranakan Durian (available in large and mini size) or try on their 2 new snowskin mooncake creations- Low Sugar Red Lotus Seed Paste with Peanut Praline Snowskin

Mooncake, which combines smooth lotus seed paste with fragrant peanut praline and a fruity Low Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste with Banana Apricot Praline Snowskin Mooncake, that combines the sweetness of banana and faint tartness of apricots. They are definitely a match made in heaven!

Early-bird offer now on for their mooncakes!
Shop now at

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

Beyond the unusual flavour of mooncakes, what many people look out for when buying mooncakes is the packaging of the mooncake

This year, Crowne Plaza Changi Airport traditional baked mooncakes available in 3 variations (White Lotus Paste with Double Egg Yolk, White Lotus Paste with Single Egg and White Lotus Paste with Melon Seeds) comes in a chic and sturdy orange vintage SUITCASE that is completely REUSABLE.

Check out @cpchangiairport facebook page, they even suggested to reuse it as a Door Side Key Holder, Make Up Case, Pet Bed, Side Table Storage Box, Portable Toy Box for your kid or as a Suitcase for Travelling. The uses of the mooncake box are just endless!

This year, they also introduce a new snow skin flavour, Salted Green Tea with Taro (Filled with delightful combination of savoury green tea paste and sweet purple yam mash centre)! Don't miss out the Lychee Bits with White Lotus Snowskin Mooncake that is back by popular demand!

Enjoy 25% off regular mooncakes and receive a complimentary $20 buffet dining voucher when you purchase online: For a limited period only. Shop now

Prima Deli's

Not sure which flavour of mooncakes to buy? Why not check out Prima Deli's Royal Gift Set (九玉贡品, $51.30).The royal gift set comes with 9 unique handcrafted mooncake flavours and are sure to impress your family.
Red Velvet, Chocolate Mint, Salted Caramel Toffee, Chendol, Mango Cream Cheese, Cookies and Cream, Black Sesame Almond, Pandan Lotus,D24 Durian Chocolate.

Personally I like the chendol as it’s got all the little bits just like the local favorite dessert, the Choc Mint with crunchy bits can be addictive and the Mini Mango Cream Cheese was creamy and delicious.

CitiBank cardholders get 23% off the usual price + 10% Citi rebate (with minimum spend of $22).

St Regis
St Regis mooncakes presented in a beautiful round box with exquisite Oriental illustrations that is perfect for gifting to your friends, loved ones or business associates. You can easily get them at the Mid-Autumn Festival Roadshow at #CompassOne #Sengkang #Singapore. 

With so many types and different flavours of Mooncakes we are all spoiled with choices.  

Kele Singapore

 Jade Lotus Paste Mooncake with Single Yolk is definitely one of my favorite this year! 😊 ...
Encased in a gold-dusted black charcoal baked Mooncake skin, the filling is an intriguing combination of pandan lotus paste and fragrant melon seeds. 😋
This year, they also launches a new snowskin Avocado mooncake flavour, a divine combination of macadamia nuts and pure avocado ingredients encased in a delicate jade coloured snowskin.😋 .😌
📍TAKASHIMAYA @takashimayasg (Basement 2 Atrium)
31st Aug 2017 - 4th Oct, 2017
1000 - 2000hrs ...
📍VIVO CITY @vivocitysingapore (Main Atrium, Level 1)
4th Sep 2017 - 4th Oct, 2017
1000 - 2130hrs ...
📍COMPASS ONE SENGKANG (Main Atrium, Level 2)
18th Sep 2017 - 4th Oct, 2017
1000 - 2130hrs ...
📍RAFFLES XCHANGE (Basement 1 Atrium)
4th Sep 2017 - 29th Sep, 2017
1000 - 2000hrs ...
📍SUNTEC CITY @sunteccity (East Atrium)
11th Sep 2017 - 4th Oct, 2017
1000 - 2130hrs ...
📍CHINATOWN (Flagship)
No.2 Smith Street, Singapore 058917
1000 - 2000hrs

Haagen Daz

Bored of the usual traditional baked or snowskin mooncakes each year, why not try Haagen Dazs beautifully crafted premium ice cream mooncakes- 3 Twinkle Collection. -
🌟 Twinkle Night Mix ($75): 6 pieces of delectable Häagen-Dazs ice cream, thinly coated with chocolate. 
Ice cream Flavours: Chocolate (2pcs), Mango (2pcs), Green Tea (1pc), Vanilla (1pc)
If you missed the early bird deal, you may still enjoy special deal available online when you order online at Bloom This

Shangri La

Mooncakes for high-tea! One of the favourite ways to enjoy these decadent mooncakes is to pair them with a good cup of tea! 🍵
So right now I'm having mooncakes from Shang Palace, Shangri La Hotel with Mongogram tea's Rose of Ariana tea. ...
Just to share with you, this year Shang Palace launches 2 new Snow Skin Flavours: Yuzu Bird's Nest and Chocolate Salted Toffee! Try them if you have not. Their Mooncakes comes in pretty 4-drawers box (resembling oriental Jewelry box) that are prefect for gifting too! 😍
Orders of 60 boxes or more from the hotel lobby or restaurant can avail of complimentary delivery. A delivery charge of SGD 50 net per location in Singapore is applicable for orders of fewer than 60 boxes. Delivery service is available from 22 August to 1 October 2017. Mooncakes may be ordered at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, at the pop-up shops at Takashimaya, Vivocity, Parkway Parade, Jurong Point and Raffles Xchange or online at 

This offer is available from 10 Jul 2017 through 4 Oct 2017.



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