Behind the scene of N.E.mation! 9!

Being the ambassador for N.E.mation! 9, I also get to go behind-the-scene and check out the production site.

So here I am at the production site of N.E.mation! 9!

N.E.mation not only provide Koufu meal vouchers but also snacks for the students.

3 in 1 beverages like Milo, Coffee and Tea are also available at the pantry area.

Packet drinks and Mineral water are also available for grab!

Spotted this cute little teddy bear hanging on the rope and decided to take this shot! (so random...)

The production site is a cool place to be at for the students I am sure.
Food and drinks well taken of. Friendly and helpful instructors to assist the student as and when they need help or guidance. This is also a great place to get to know other students from other teams.

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