Give your support to Top 10 finalist of N.Emation! 9- JJKN59!!!

Hi guys,
Today I like to introduce to you one of the Top 10 Finalist of N.E.mation! 9-

Team Members: Jeanine Ong, Jolene Loh, Nurul Khalisah & Nikki Koh

They are all from Kent Ridge Secondary School.
They will be working on Digital 2D Animation.
Pioneer Theme, Using WhatsApp
Conversation between a Pioneer and a Youth through WhatsApp

Production Schedule
Digital Asset Creation (Week 1), 
Animation + Digital Creation (Week 2), 
QC + Animation (Week 3)

Memories of their journey to Top 10!

This is their story board. May seem like easy but each frame take up a lot of time to edit to perfection!

Well tough job but these girls are doing well....

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