Give your support to Top 10 finalist of N.Emation! 9- IDK!!!

Hi guys,
Today I like to introduce to you one of the Top 10 Finalist of N.E.mation! 9-

IDK's Team Members:  Chelsia Low, Clarine See, Ong Zi Fang & Valeska Tan
They are from Raffles Girl School (Secondary)

IDK is working on Digital 2D Animation / After Effects.
Pioneer Theme, Looking back to historical events that surround certain MRT Stations
Travelling Forward & Tracking Process

Digital Asset Creation (Week 1),
Animation + Digital Creation (Week 2),
QC + Animation (Week 3)

Somehow this snacks are also their best friends!

You can tell those snacks sure keep them motivated to work!

Focusing hard at work...

Cute soft toy can motivate you at work too!

The girls are well trained to do the work on their own.

Do not judge this young girls...

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