Christmas is a Season of Giving!

Christmas is coming and it is a Season of giving!!!
You can buy gifts for your friend, family and your loved ones to tell them how much you appreciate them for what they have done for the year. And if you are working already, you might also want to buy a gift to your clients to show them how much you appreciate their business.

We are about 2 weeks away and I bet a lot of you are busy shopping for Christmas gifts now.

Still thinking of what to buy for them this Christmas?
 Why not check out what for the their Christmas gift selection!

Red Warmth Hamper
Make a lasting impression with our Ruby Woven Leatherette Gift Boxes. These open concept boxes display the splendid bottles of wines and tempting treats.

What is in the Ruby Woven Leatherette Gift Box?
-Chateau Barrail Des Moines Red Wine 75cl .
-Hillier's Mini Christmas Puddings 160g .
-Delfi Assortment Nuts & Raisins Covered with Milk Chocolate 180g .
-Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies 168g .
-Walkers Toffee & Pecan Biscuits 150g .
-Fox's Crystal Clear Fruits Candy 180g .
-Camel Mixed Nuts 120g .
-Belgian Butters Waffle Crisps 100g .

Wow!!! The Ruby Woven Leatherette Gift Box contained lot of my favourite items!
Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies is one of snack to have!
Chateau Barrail Des Moines Red Wine can definitely spice up Christmas Party at home.
Fox's Crystal Clear Fruits Candy is my all time favorite candy and I'm sure my nephews will love them too! Maybe will share some with them when they visit my place.

If you really like this Ruby Woven Leatherette Gift Box, you may order this now here.

For other Christmas gift selection, you may click here.


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