Best Gift for Christmas- GP x Smiley Special Edition Portable Powerbank

Buying a present for someone can give you headache sometime.
What if you buy something he/she will never get to use?

Well stop cracking your head! Get them a portable powerbank!
Why should you get them a powerbank?

As we know smartphone is becoming part of our life. We typically use them for the following reasons:
- calling our friends and loved one
- take photo for memory
- check GPS for direction to get to a place
- Surf the internet or play game when we are bored.
- Take note of important date

So it is important that our phone will never go dead. I'm not sure about how you feel? But I feel insecure when my handphone went out of battery...


Introducing the new GP x Smiley Special Edition Portable Powerbank!!! They are definitely a great option for your gifting for your friends and loved one this holiday season!!! 

Gift this happy energy to your friends or loved one and put a smile to their face!!! They will be thankful of you each time they charge their phone with this portable powerbank! You can save them their phone from going low batt.

Choose from these 6 unique designs!

They are specially designed with great portability (slim design and light weight) and they easily fits into a pocket or a bag. 

- Built in 5200mAh which can charge iPhone 5s up to 2 times. 
- Reliable power, capable of quickly charging most USB enabled devices including the iPad and other power-hungry tablets. 
- With fast charging speed, it’s ready for smartphone, iPad and most Tablet PCs 
- Slim design (1.35cm) and light weight, easily fit into a pocket or a bag. 
- The LED status indicator allows you to check the power levels by pressing the button 
- Capacity: 5200 mAh 
- Recharging Time: 7.5 hours (approx.) 
- Charging Time: 1.5 hours (approx.)
- Input: 5V DC 1A ·Output: 5V DC 2.1A 
- Number of Outputs: 1 ·Size: 112(L) x 63(W) x 13.5(H) mm 
- Weight: 135 grams (approx.) 

They are available for sale at all Challenger Stores in Singapore.

Grab them at 20% discount from today till 3 Jan 2016 at Challenger Roadshow at ION Orchard (B4 Atrium).

Share the happy energy around!
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