Everyone Needs to Have A Break

Feeling Stress at Work or School?

Learn to have a break like me. Everyone needs to have a break.

STRESS is a problem that most people face on almost a daily basis. Not only will it affect your ability to do a good job, but you could also be up for some pretty heavy health risks such as high blood pressure, migraines, stomach ulcers and even depression.

Are you facing stress at work too?
What’s the best stress management activity to incorporate into your daily routine?
How about HAVE A BREAK during work? Yes, by having a five minute break every few hours, you actually are allowing your body and brain time to re-energize, relax and refocus.

Most jobs usually involve long hours each day with repetitive activities like:
- working at a desk in front of a computer.
- standing behind a cash register.

It can be any other jobs in which you are continuously performing repetitive motions and such job may put yourself at risk of a work related injury.

So how can you calm yourself down?
Here are some of my stress management activities which you can adopt too. They are really a very simple habit to develop for a long term benefit.

1. Take a deep breath: We are not robot afterall and your brain is not built to work at full speed for eight hours straight so give it a few reprieves throughout the day. Closing your eyes for 30 seconds and taking a few deep breaths or looking out the window will help your eye sight and your stress levels.

2. Relieving Stress by Exercise : Stretch your muscles during a work day and relieve muscle tension in your body.

3. Drinking water: Keeping yourself hydrated at work is super important because office air-conditioning can strip the body of moisture which puts it under unnecessary stress. I had a habit of having a bottle of water on my desk and finishing it everyday. Drinking tea is also the perfect way to stay hydrated and calm down. Studies have proven that herbal and normal tea rejuvenates and relaxes the body.

4. Enjoying my favourite Kit Kat Chocolate: It is simply my good stress buster. =)

5. Have a little fish tank: I'll watch my little fishes swim around the fish tank sometime to help relax myself during work.

Do you have friend/ colleague who are feeling stress too?
Sending Chocolate to them may be a great gift to cheer someone up anytime anywhere.

Read more below to find out what I did!

This morning, I went to the supermarket and bought a few packets of Kit Kat Crispy Wafer Fingers in milk chocolate. They are my favourite chocolate and I loves sharing them with my friends.

Why is my office empty?
Oh it was a Sunday and we are closed. Seeing no one around, I quickly carried the basket of Kit Kat and went around the tables and placed a Kit Kat on every tables. (I felt like a Santa Claus....)

Kit Kat on each table.

After placing the Kit Kat, I also sent them an email to tell them "It's Kit Kat Break Time!" Hope the Kit Kat makes their day! =)

If you want to make yourself happy, try making someone else happy.

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