National Family Celebration 2011

How would you spend your family day out?
I would like to bring my family out for a good dinner. Maybe go for shopping before dinner. This will be a great time to take note of what they like so you can know what present to get them. =)

They bought me to Jurong Bird Park when I was young.

Missed the great fun time. =)

If you were in your father/mother/child shoes for a day, what would you like to learn to understand about them?
I really like to thanks my parent for bringing me up well.
They had been very supportive in the things I do and I really appreciated it a lot too.
There is so much for me to learn from my parent, in term of managing a family and bringing up the children. All this is really not easy and they are managing it very well.

Take a Family Day Out on 25 June 2011 at Waterfront Promenade @ Marina Bay.
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