Metrosexuals are not necessarily gay homosexual

Have you noticed that guys are behaving more Metrosexual nowadays? Do you have male friend who wear make-up or take longer time in the toilet than a female does?

A lot of time, when guys get over Metrosexual, people around him will find him gay or homosexual.

Metrosexuals are not necessarily gay or homosexual. Metrosexuals is a man concerned with personal appearance, such as personal grooming, fashion, and aesthetics in general; who may or may not be concerned with self-indulgence and money.

There are different levels of metrosexuality.
Some men only practice basic grooming like:
- using facial products (Kiehl's, Biotherm, etc)
- dressing well everyday
- Sometimes even will do eyebrow threading, body waxing, etc.

It is alway good to present yourself well in front of other don't you think so.
Guys need to 保养 (take good care of one's health; keep in good repair), look good, handsome and clean also. Life is very real, if you see someone unshaved and uncombed hair, yellow teeth the next thing the person will more likely to do is walk away from you. Haha...

But some are just over metrosexual, acting more like the girls than the woman does and that really
FREAK me out.

After you see the video below you will say this guy is no different from a girl.
Here a reminder to all guys, don't let metrosexuality get out of hand.

天下沒有醜男人 只有懶男人

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