Korea's Got Talent Sung-Bong Choi (Very Touching)

I just watched Korea's Got Talent on youtube and was touched by this 22 year old Korean guy, Sung-Bong Choi.

He appeared to be an ordinary guy taking part in a competition when first see him.
He said he still feel uncomfortable taking part in the competition but he said he feels like a different person whenever he sing.

When questioned by the judges on his family background, he shocked the judges. He said he was left in the orphanage when he was 3 years old and when he was 5, he ran away after he got beaten by the people there.

From then he lived alone for 10 years by selling gums and energy drinks on the street. No home and he slept on the stairs and public toilet everyday.

He didn't go school but he took GED test to get his elementary and middle school degrees. He said High School was his FIRST SCHOOL he had been to! That is really impressive!

The song you will be hearing below was performed on Korea's Got Talent, brought tears to the judges and the audiences. Choi's voice had proved to everyone that you really never know who has an amazing talent. He is really an inspiration!

Okay now sit back and enjoy his singing!

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