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Well, beside just working and working or studying and studying... Why not take up a course and learn something you like?

It can be singing, dancing, cooking or even learn Japanese language. You will most likely get to know new friends and had fun!!! =)

Last night (28 Jun 2011), I attended a Gourmet Cooking Workshop with Chef Eric Low at The Serangoon CC (Just Opposite my house). Cooking had always been one of my favourite past time but I had never attend any of such workshop before. So it was my 1st time attending yesterday and it was really an eye-opening experience for me.

10, SERANGOON NORTH AVE 2, Singapore 555877 (Show Map)
Tel: 62844137
Fax: 62811446
Email: PA_THESERANGOONCC@pa.gov.sg
Url: http://www.aljuniedgrc.sg
Operating hours:
09:00 - 22:00
How To Get Here:
Buses No :43, 73,103,109,156,147 (YIO CHU KANG ROAD) Buses No 25,55,74,132 & 165 (Ang Mo Kio Ave 3) Feeder Service No 315

I love the building. As you can see the the exterior of the building had lots of colours.
There are also many facilities and course for public to sign up. At the CC, there is also a study room which is a good & quiet place for study.

Okay! I'm in the Gourmet Cooking Workshop with Chef Eric Low! Wondering what is Chef Eric going to teach us today?

About 20 over students attended the workshop and Chef Eric is going to teach us Japanese Cuisine! We will be learning how to make Japanese Potato Salad, Japanese Braised Pork Belly (Buta Kakuni) and Japanese Fried Rice (Nikkiniku Chahan). I'm a Japanese Food Lover and this is going to be so cool learning how to cook them. Scroll down and see the 3 recipes below!!!
1. Japanese Potato Salad (4 Portions)


For dressing:
3-4tbsps Japanese Mayonnaise
3-4tbsps Regular Mayonnaise
1tbsps Condensed Milk
1tsp Di jon Mustard

4medium Idaho (Russet) Potatoes, cut into cubes, blanched for 15-20 minutes till cooked
1/2 no White Onion, chopped
4pcs Crabstick, diced
1/2 medium Carrot, diced and blanched
1 stalk Spring Onion, diced
4nos Hard Boil Eggs
4 Lettuce Leaves

Preparation Method for Japanese Potato Salad:

Step 1: Whisk all ingredients for dressing together if using the regular mayonnaise

Step 2: Combline all salad ingredients in a mixing bowl except the hardboiled eggs and lettuce leaves

Step 3: Toss all salad ingredient with dressing. Chill Salad till it is completely cold. Before serving, garnish with hardboiled egg and lettuce leaves.

2. Japanese Fried Rice (Nikkiniku Chahan) (4-6 portions)

150g /Old Garlic Cloves, coarsely chopped
300ml Canola/Corn/Sunflower Oil
300g Short Grain Rice (Calrose Rice)
450 ml Water
6tbps Oil or Garlic Flavoured Oil
4nos Eggs
5tbsps Japanese Soya Sauce
2stalks Spring Onions
4tbsps Coarse Garlic Chips
1/2tsp Coarse Ground Black Pepper

Preparation Method for Japanese Fried Rice (Nikkiniku Chahan):

Step 1: Cook the coarsely chopped garlic in canola oil till lightly golden brown. Remove from heat, strain and seperate the crispy garlic with the oil.

Step 2: Wash rice and drain. Add the 450ml water and cook rice accordingly. Allow the rice to rest for at least an hour before use.

Step 3: Heat garlic flavoured oil and scramble eggs till foamy. Return the cooked rice to pan and season rice with soya sauce. Add the spring onions and crispy garlic to the rice.

Step 4: Toss rice evenly and season with coarse black pepper just before serving.


3. Japanese Braised Pork Belly (Buta Kakuni) (4-6 Portions)

800g Pork Belly
1 large White Radish (About 500g)

Braising Liquid:
200ml Mirin
120ml Japanese Soya Sauce
2tbsps Sugar
1 stalk Japanese Scallions
2pcs Old Ginger
350ml Water
4-6 nos Hard Boil Eggs


Preparation Method for Japanese Braised Pork Belly (Buta Kakuni)

Step 1: Wash clean the pork belly. Grate 2/3 of the radish and cut the remainder into wedges

Step 2: Cover the pork belly with grated radish and steam for 2 hours. Remove from heat and allow to cool before chilling the pork overnight to set.

Step 3: Combine mirin, soya sauce and sugar in the braising pot. Bring to boil. Light char the scallion on gas stove. Add to the braising liquid with ginger. Pour in water and bring sauce to boil.

Step 4: Cut the chilled pork into pieces and braise in sauce for 45 minutes to an hour. In the last 15minutes, add the hard boiled eggs.

Step 5: Serve Buta Kakuni with egg, Japanese Pickles and rice.

A blogger without a camera is not a blogger... Haha...
Look at this! It was taken while the pork was still in the braising pot...

Isn't it yummilicious looking??? =p

Hope you all enjoy my sharing, leave a comment below if you have any query. =)

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