NDP 2011 Fun Pack Song (Lady Gaga version)

Hey guys have you heard of the NDP Fun Pack Song (Lady Gaga Version)?
I don't know who created this song but looking at it from YOUTUBE, there are 176 likes, 5,384 dislikes!!!!

OMG!!! Will they really carry on on the actual day of national day on 9th August 2011?
I hope the people on that day will not be turned off by that. Well maybe the person thought this song was so popular in Club and want to bring it to National Day... But not many people can ACCEPT it....

987FM Funpack Song

Some of the people in REACTION to the FUN PACK SONGS!!!

Hitler reacts to "The Fun Pack" song dislikes.

TheNotoriousKAZ86's reaction.... Can see he is really MAD about this...