Have A Break, Enjoy 10 Finalists Artwork (Vote & Win)

Hey Guys,
are you aware of the KIT KAT Yer Big Break Contest whereby 10 Finalists Artwork had been selected and currently put up for voting. Who do you think deserve to be sent into the KIT KAT Stardom? Vote now and also stand a chance to win one out of 10 Kit Kat Hampers worth $50!!!

Here are the artwork if you have not seen them yet:


Artwork done by Abu Suphian.

Artist said “Going to the movies, having a cup of coffee, or maybe playing games are some of the activities that people do to forget about their stress for awhile. A blue colour scheme represents the source of all the stress and the office buildings represent work. Warm colours in the rest of the design represent calmness.”

My comment: “This is very related to our day to day of our life and we all each have our own way of destressing ourselves from work. Some of the activities like watching movies, playing games with friends is what I usually do during the weekends to have a real good break! The artist used the blue colour scheme to represent the source of stress and that is like how we feel on a Monday Blue. I like the warm colour which represent the calmness and lively feel."

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Chan Chee Sing

Artwork done by Chuan Chee Sing.

Artist said “To me, taking a break means being free. We often are so engulfed in our daily routine that we sometimes neglect the most important things in life. We should occasionally break free from whatever is bothering us at the moment, and sit back, take a deep breath and think about all the good things that have happened or are going to happen in our life. Life is about living freely. I hope my artwork will inspire more people to take a break and be free. Remember to live happily! “

My comment: “I strongly agreed with what the artist expressed. Life is sometime like a cycle. You WORK, you EAT, you SLEEP and the cylce just carry on and on without you stopping and realising it....

We should learn to take a break sometime and look around the things around us. Enjoy the freedom! Add some fun element to it too. Break Free from the cycle and maybe go watch a movie, or sing karaoke with your friend. "

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Artwork done by Rukkiye.

Artiste said “Taking a break, in my opinion, would beleaving our hectic lifestyles for a minute and taking every opportunity to appreciate the beauty of life. Just like the metaphor, smell the roses. Hence, my illustration of the girl with coloured hair being soothed and calmed by flowers surrounding her.”

My comment: “Indeed a good way to relax yourself and I do that sometime when I take a walk at the park near my place. I can smell the the flower scent and the fresh air. That of cause make me feel calm and relaxing. Nice artwork!"

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Chua Ai Ni

Artwork done by Chua Ai Ni.

Artist said “The theme behind my artwork is “Take the Kit Kat Break. Let’s run away and join the circus!” Running away to join the circus or even visiting the circus for awhile is a romantic notion that symbolises taking a break from reality and immersing oneself into the wonderful and magical world that is the circus. The fact that a circus is mobile and moves from one place to another, reflects that a bus will be the perfect platform to encourage everyone to jump on board (thus, the ticket “ADMIT ALL” depicted on the artwork) and take a break from boring reality.”

My comment: “I love the RED in this picture! It brighten up the whole picture an make it look lively and happy. This is sure one of my favourite artwork. Anyone want to jump on board with me to watch a this circus? Great artwork!"

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Julienne Tan

Artwork done by Julienne Tan.

Artiste saidI don’t have to travel far to take a break. With my imagination, I can find new worlds in simple things once again. A puddle becomes an ocean, the sky or an entire astronomical study.”

My comment: “Well I agreed with the artist. There is no hard and fast rule when you talk about having a break. It can be anything!!! Like reading a book under a shady tree can be a form of having a break too. Or even enjoying your favourite Kit Kat chocolate bar lying on comfortable sofa. There are many different ways of having a break. Have you think of how you can have a good one?"

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Joan Chong

Artwork done by Joan Chong.

Artiste said “My idea of a big break is being able to break away from the tension of working all the time. In such a fast-paced society, one often has very little time to relax. The balloons in the artwork represent taking a breather from all the work and travelling around the world. Also, having a bunch of balloons and 2 birdie captains navigating, together with a booster propelling the engine, is economical! Photographing these memories and having fun moments in an overseas country is the best idea of a big break for me."

My comment: “This is CUTE and it's my no.1 choice among all the Finalists Artwork. I love travelling and exploring new things. I go aroundwith my camera snapping people and things to keep as memories. This artwork also brings out the happiness, fun and excitement having to be up in the sky so high. I can snap a good landscape photo from on top the sky too! Woo..... I will sure love to have a view like this from above...."

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Lorraine Tan

Artwork done by Lorraine Tan.

Artiste said “Taking a break means taking off with one’s imagination and dreams, satisfying one’s flights of fancy. This artwork represents a whimsical world where one’s imagination knows no limits, and where taking a break means letting one’s ideas take to the skies.”

My comment: “Very creative idea! Letting one's ideas take to the skies! Well if you have a dream, make it succeed one day! Nothing is impossible... If you give up then it will be impossible for sure. So don't let it down... This artwork is very inspirational."

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Leon Yeo

Artwork done by Leon Yeo.

Artiste said “The soul and disco ball elements give a relaxing feel, and these represent my idea of a break for the body, mind and soul.”

My comment: “Good job! I can see the artist puting a lot of RED in this artwork which was also one of the criteria of the contest. And his idea of the artwork, having a disco ball expressed out the relaxation some people does at the Club. Yes and it is alway about body, mind and soul! Cause you need to relax your body through dancing, free your mind and soul! I do club sometime with my friend too!!!"

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Joanna Leong

Artwork done by Joanna Leong.

Artiste said “Taking a break means breaking away from the monotony of a reality, and letting my mind venture to things that are slightly (andliterally) out of this world. Planet Lollywood is a result of one such venture, and combines two things I like – candy and space.”
My comment: “This is one of the cute artwork I seen so far! At Lollywood, you can find chocolate, icecream and candy anywhere. The carefree joys of childhood just comes back again when you are at Lollywood. Feel like really visiting this place!"

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Wei Hong

Artwork done by WeiHong

Artiste said “Spending time with my 2 year old son is one of my favourite ways to take a break. This illustration also features my son taking a break, dreaming about his favourite animals, pandas, trying to snatch his favourite chocolate bar!”

My comment: “This is CUTE!!! This artwork reminds me of the movie "Kungfu Panda" which was one of my favorite movie. I agreed that kids are adorable and fun to spend time with too. The idea of this brings out some childhood memories of me when I was young and my siblings snatching food from me... hahaha..."
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Well that was the last artwork you have seen. What do you think? Really thanks Kit Kat for having this contest for all the artists to showcase their artwork to the world.

Now it's the time for you to vote and send your favourite artwork to stardom. By doing so, you also stand a chance to win a Kit Kat Hamper worth $50 each!!!

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Deadline is 31 July 2011! So HURRY!!!