Far East Square- Oni Cupcakes

Oni Cupcakes
This boutique cupcake bakery uses only the finest quality ingredients, their top-selling cupcakes include Chocolate Lover (Valrhona dark chocolate), Mango Tango (Valrhona chocolate cake with Mango butter cream), along with specialty cupcakes like Healthy Bunny (carrot cake with cream cheese frosting) and The King (Mao Shan Wang durian). With a wide range of flavours, designs and sizes, their custom-made cupcakes will delight both adults and kids.

Check out this mini cupcakes!!! Aren't they CUTE!!!

Thinking of what to get for your friend for birthday? Why not get him a specially designed cupcake? Something different from the usual birthday cake. COOL right!!!

Or even a Wedding Cake like this is CUTE!!!

Visit http://www.onicupcakes.com/ and find out more!!!

Far East Square- our great hangout place!!!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog sharing about the nice places at Far East Square!!!

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