William is HAPPY with his LIFE!!!

Hi all,

It had been so long since I update about myself to everyone.
So maybe today I should just do a bit of update and also how is my life recently.

Well I'm a Social Worker Assistant in IMH and a Part-time Blogger.
I enjoyed being a Social Worker as I'm able to help the needy patient and do something for the society. Ever since I started working, I realised that there is so much more needy people out there which need our help. Show your care and love to such people if you see them around you k.
As for my other part time job as a Blogger, I believe it had brought colours to my life. Being a blogger, I can share anything to people. I also gets special privilege to private events like Movie Gala Premiere, Live Concert, Food Tasting. The recent F&N contest which was just over few month back, I won the Best Blog Award and A Trip to Tokyo. Having to acheive that was a sense of inner fulfillment to me. Well I tried to do my best each time when I have a task.

Oh ya just some updates for my blog entries, I'm now blogging for KIT KAT for another BLOG CHALLENGE which will ends on 31 July 2011!!! You may click here to read my KIT KAT entries so far.

And last but not least, another good thing about being a blogger is I get to meet a lot of people and make new friends from the events.

William is going to HAVE A BREAK soon!!!
Got to hang on awhile more...
I'm going on 2 HOILDAY trips which I won through blogging!!!

1.Tokyo Trip (26-30 Aug 2011)

Prize from My F&N Blogging Challenge

2.Nikoi Island Trip- (10 Sept 2011)
Prize from My Tiger Beer Blogging Challenge

I'm thankful to have won all this. I will continue to blog my BEST in my future posts too.

Well a lot of people said I am always busy with a lot of things but I think I'm managing it well and I tried to make everyday of my life a FRUITFUL day!

Hope everyone out there is also enjoying their life! All the best to you all k! I love you guys!!!

Best Regards