Far East Square- Garuda Padang Cuisine

Garuda Padang Cuisine
Garuda, established in 1976, is the most successful and one of the largest Padang Cuisine restaurant chains in Indonesia. Today, in a partnership with TungLok Group, Garuda in Singapore is the only franchised Padang Cuisine restaurant outside Indonesia, offering nothing but the most authentic fare at three locations

Ayam Goreng Bumbu $5.30 (per piece)
Garuda Fried Chicken with Blue Ginger Floss!!!
Blue Ginger Floss? Yes they actually marinated the chicken with blue ginger floss for more than 3 hours before frying it with blue ginger floss! This is so delicious!!!

Have you try it? Go try it today!!!!
I couldn't help asking formore of the Blue Ginger Floss!!!

Try it today!!! Visit http://www.garudapadang.com/ to find out more!!!



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