Far East Square- SPRING JuChunYuan 聚春园

SPRING JuChunYuan 聚春园
Since 1865, “JuChunYuan” has stood for the finest in Fuzhou cuisine.

This was my 1st time coming to this restaurant and also 1st time eating such an expensive dish which cost $1288!!! What dish you might be thinking???

It is the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall (佛跳墻)!!!! The famous “Buddha Jumps Over the Wall” was birthed in JuChunYuan restaurant in 1876 and has continued to set the standard for fine Chinese restaurants around the world. Now, SPRING JuChunYuan is the only restaurant in Singapore that exclusively serves traditional Min cuisine and carries the remarkable legacy of the original JuChunYuan Fuzhou restaurant.

Buddha Jump Over Wall- There are a lot of expensive ingredients like Shark's fin, Abalone, Scallop, Sea Cucumber in this pot. The soup is really an essence of all the ingredient, very nutritious. One bowl for me is not enough...

Xing Hwa new hoon- There is a special sauce that goes with this dish. The sauce taste a bit like vinegar and garlic.


Visit http://www.juchunyuan.com.sg/ and find out more.