Collecting wishes for Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2012

Last Sunday morning at ION Orchard...
Did you saw many people wearing Orange caps roving around Orchard Road?

Yes they are the Volunteers from SG Cares!!!

What are they doing there?
They are actually gathering in front of ION Orchard, in preparation to collect wishes on the Wishing Sphere for Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2012!!!

Significance of the Wishing Sphere
Throughout the month of December, Singaporean and friends from all walks of life
are invited to pen their new year wishes on the wishing spheres at the wishing stations located around Singapore.

Check out the wishing stations at

This year 20,000 of these wishing spheres, all marked with the hand-written wishes made by Singaporeans, will be floated onto the waters and be come part of a visual arts installation at Marina Bay- the Bay of Hope and Light. COOL!!!

Each wishing sphere represents a hope, a belief that the New Year will bring new possibilites and a brighter tomorrow!!!

The guys pumping up the Wishing Sphere,
getting ready to ask people to pen down their wishes...

Me helping to pump up the Wishing Sphere too...
It was my 1st time penning my wishes too and also roving
around Orchard road to collect wishes too.

It was an unforgettable experience for myself.

Me together with popular blogger- Kevin Soh (In pink T-shirt) followed
one of the volunteer group and went to Wheelock Place
to collect the wishes from the public.

Many families came forward and pen down their wishes for 2012.

Kevin Soh's girlfriend, Shoel was there to help out too!!!
So nice of her... =)

A cute little boy penned his wishes on the Wishing Sphere.

Many friendly people came up to pen down their wishes too...

A father and daughter walking along the street got curious about this
and decided to write down their wishes after explaining what is this all about.

A young girl penning her wishes for 2012.

Even tourists on the street caught attention
and came forward to pen down their wishes for 2012.

Someone wrote this!!! =)

A cute Caucasian girl, accompanying by her mother
also try to write something on the sphere...

She is so CUTE and I couldn't resist myself not snapping photo of her...

More cute little girl came up and wanted to pen down their wishes too...

Have you pen down yours?
You may visit any of the 23 wishing stations in Singapore.

Check out the wishing stations at

A group photo with the happy family at Orchard Road.

The SG cares Volunteers with the Wishing Sphere...

After 2-3 hours of roving around Orchard,
the volunteers gathered back in front of ION Orchard before calling off.

It was really hard work for them all...
Cause they have pump or blow up the Wishing Sphere for people to pen their wishes,
then after the Wishing Sphere are filled up with wishes, they have to deflat it for easy transportation back.

Before dispersing off, we had a group photo with all the SG Cares Volunteers together!!!

Me & Kelvin Soh before we start to do crazy stuff with the Wishing Sphere...

Are you ready to see us jumping around with the Wishing Sphere?

Our 1st Jump!!!
I looked like I am doing some ballet dance with the Wishing Sphere...

We looked so CUTE right? Hahaha...

Another last jump in front the X'mas Tree in front of ION Orchard.

Check out the wishing stations at

Pictures taken with Nikon COOLPIX S1100pj
Powered by , Urban Redevelopment Authority & Marina Bay Singapore



  1. thanks, Kelvin & the team for the photos ,write-up and join us for the MBC orchard..:)0Stella

  2. oops..must thanks william too:)))