Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2012- Go Behind the Scene of the Video Dedications

Hey guys,

just wanna share this good news with you all!!!
I'm really happy to be chosen as 1 of the 5 Official Bloggers for Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2012 Celebration!!!

It is my 1st time working with Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) to cover Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2012 celebration and do stay tuned to my blog for more exciting updates of the event which will be coming up soon.

You can also find latest news on Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2012 here :

So for today I will like to share with you my 1st post- Behind the Scene of the Video Dedications!!!

The video dedication was done in front of Esplanade last Friday (09 Dec2011).

The crew video shooting the cheerleading group from City Harvest Church.

Do you know what is the most important characters to ave in all Cheerleaders?
Yes Teamwork. When stunting, the two bases have to work together as a team to get that flyer up there. and the backspot has to work with the flyer to see whats comfortable for her. and the backspot has to work with the bases to make sure they know when to go up and what they are doing. Without teamwork... people can get seriously injured.

I managed to take a video on their stunning performance that day!!!
Check it out below!!!

Do you know?
The youngest member is 16 yrs old and the oldest was 25 yrs old.

That's Don Richmond interviewing the team, getting to know them better.


The team members getting high!!!

What are they doing?

Yes! The cheerleading team are penning their wishes on the Wishing Sphere!

Everyone had their wishes penned down.

Have you pen down yours?
You may visit any of the 23 wishing stations in Singapore.

Check out the wishing stations at

Lastly it's our turn, me and popular blogger- Kelvin Soh doing the Video Dedication!!!

I think we are really GOOD!!!
We didn't NG too much... The 3rd time we got it DONE!!!

You can catch the video dedication film screening at Esplanade on 31st Dec 2011, Outdoor Theatre at timings stated!

Pictures taken with Nikon COOLPIX S1100pj
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