Guinness Live Round 18 - WILLIS vs AYDAN

Guess where am I?
Yes I'm at Shanghai Dolly for Guinness Live Singing Competition again!

We have Willis from Team Frirefly that night.

Challenging him that night was Aydan from Team Shanghai Dolly.

Getting HIGH... Cheers from the audience that night.

Even a horn was used!!! Don't PLAY PLAY k! The fans are really hardcore!

Scroll down to see who won that night!!!

Congrats to Willis who have won Aydan with 1 point! It was a close fight!

A quick interview with Aydan & Willis

How do you feel of your your performance?
Aydan: I really enjoyed myself on the stage last Thursday and I had a great time singing willis. I think that if I can I will add more emotions to the song which I had sang.
Willis: Eh, I had dinner with Aydan. But after that dinner i have an upset stomach. Lol. I think my face shows it when i was on stage.

What did the mentors and judges said and do you agreed?
Aydan: Both mentors said I improved from the last round and I do agree that it was a breakthrough from my previous rounds and usual performance style. ( image and stage presence and performance.) I do agree and I will keep on improving yeah.
Willis: The mentors pointed this out and remind me not to show it even if im sick and try to deliver my best. Which i agree. My first song was clearly showing how I feel inside. But after they reminded me. I think I did much better for the 2nd song.

What will you improve on?
Aydan: the next thing I would improve on is my canto as my next round I will be singing 2 canto songs. As a Hokkien this is really very challenging.
Vocally I will also try to add in more emotions and impact in the singing yeah.

Lastly what do you want to say to your supporters?
Aydan: I really love you all! ThankS!
Willis: I wana thank all those who have supported me and new supporters i made during that night. I have random people coming up to tell me I did well with the 2nd song and they love it. Glad to take pictures with them too. And thanks Aydan for making that night more fun and easy going instead of those usual "I must win" kinda feeling. It makes the whole competition more friendly and enjoyable while still being able to improve and challenge ourselves. =]

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