Guinness Live Round 26-YONGWEI vs AYDAN

Last Wednesday at Dragonfly, we had Yongwei & Aydan challenging on stage.

Yongwei from Team Dragonfly

Great interaction with the crowd!!! Keep it up Yongwei!!!

Aydan of Team Shanghai Dolly

Nice dressing!!! Keep it up Aydan!!!

Cheering from the crowd!!! HIGH!!!

Mentor William was impressed by Yongwei for his sportmanship as he was sick that day
and he still came and sing.

Congrats to Yongwei to have won!!!

Interview with Team Shanghai Dolly, Aydan.

How do you feel of your performance tht night?
I think I put up a veri nice fight yesterday and I had 3 different genre of songs.
What did the judges said and do you agreed to the comments?
Yeah they like my renzhi and I also do like it after listening to the recordings.

What will you be working on to improve on your singing?
I will work more on dynamics especially on fast songs. As I am very used to singing love ballards

What do you have to say to your fans and friends?
Thank you people. Despite losing last night match but I think it was a great fight. Thanks.

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