Nando's Chickenland Getaway@ Tampines Mall- Taste the Peri Peri Flame-Grilled Chicken!!!

Thanks Nando's!!! I'm really honoured to be invited to the Nando's Chickenland Getaway on 3rd Dec 2011 at Nando's Tampines Mall #01-46 (New Outlet)!!!

And for your info, there is another new outlet at Katong Mall #01-14/15 too!!!
(See other store location here)

Oh another feature of that day is
Barci- a Barcelos Cockerel, the chicken mascot for Nando's.
Ain't he CUTE!!! =)

The Barcelos Cockerel was chosen as Nando's identifying symbol because Robert Brozin (Founder) and Fernado Duarte (Co- Founder), like the Portuguese Explorers of yesteryear, believed in FAITH, JUSTICE and Good LUCK.

Today the Barcelos Cockerel can be found on 5 continents, delivering Nando's Experience in different languages, diverse cultures and surroundings. The Nando's flame burns bright and the journey is filled with adventure.

Read more about Nando's Story here

Table for 6?

Or table for 14 like us or more?

Nando's is the best choice to dine in with your friends!!!

Nice Ambience and Nice Setting. There are Peri-Peri Sauces on every table.
Customer can choose the heat level they want. Awesome right!!!

The service was friendly and fast!
The staff are always looking out for me to serve me to their best.
The service here actually added to a pleasurable experience dining there.
So KUDOS to all the staffs working there!!! =)

This is so INTERESTING!!!
At Nando's, you can choose the heat before you eat with the Peri-o-meter.

Peri-fect Platters- This is a great party plate!!!
Great heap of food and good messy fun with friends!! Try this with your friends!

I just love the idea of sharing together!!! =)

Wild Mushroom Soup with bread- Delicious fresh Mushroom with chunky chicken pieces.
Hmmm..... Yummilious.... Taste so heavenly!!! I'm a Mushroom lover!!!

Chicken Livers & Portuguese Roll- Flame-seared Chicken Liver is interesting and mouth-wastering. Love the rich peri-peri gravy for you to dip with the Portuguese Roll!

Peri Wedges & Creamy Perinaise- Golden Brown Potatoes Wedges toppled with Peri-Sprinkle with accompanying Perinaise!

Great snacks for chilling out with friends too!!!

Cataplana- Served in a traditional copper dish, waiting for it to be open.
Chicken strips basted in Peri-Peri, peppers, ripe tomatoes on a bed of Spice Rice and trapped in a traditional copper dish.

Nando's Chicken- Tender and juicy meat. Each piece of meat is grilled perfectly and flavourful!!! The 1st time I tried it was at Malaysia and I really love it to the MAX!!! Then when Singapore opened the 1st Nando's I was so happy and excited.

Do you know?
Every piece of Nando's Chicken is marinated for 24 hours in their secret sauce until the flavour goes right through to the bone. They are then flamed-grilled and ready for you to bast in your choice of Peri-Peri Sauce.

Yup there are Bottled Peri-Peri Sauces placed on every table for your convinence.
So thoughtful... =)

Feel free to bast your chicken with any of the Peri-Peri Sauces on every table!!!
There is sure one (Extra Hot, Hot, Garlic & Tomato) that suit you!!! =)

Try what?

Yes try the Espetada at Nando's!

It is actually marinated chicken thighs and fresh peppers, flamed-grilled and seved on a skewer with 2 sidelines. The meat is very tender!!!

It's Saboroso!!! (Meaning "Delicious" in Portuguese)

Nando's Designer Drinks- Fresh and flavourful! There is a drinks for everyone!!!
And for your info, they do served plain water too. =)

I find this drink quite interesting!!!
There are actually sugar around the glass...
Sweet.... I love it!!!

Natas- Traditional Portunguese pastry topped with zesty custard.
Chocolate Cruch Roll- Bite into melted milk choclate mixed with biscults for a taste of heaven.
Caramel Cheesecake- Muscovado sugar smothered in rich and creamy caramel.
Lighten Up Chocolate Cake- It is so light like a cloud of chocolate that melts in your mouth.

Simply irresistible!!!

Come to Nando's and enjoy a cup of hot beverage with your friends.
It's feel good to pamper yourself to a warm cup of Cuppuccino!!!

Yup!!! If you like the Peri-Peri sauces,
you can actually purchase them from the restaurant too!!! =)

Celebration for 2- $38.80
-2 x Quarter Chickens
-1 x Peri Wedges & Creamy Perinaise
- 1 x Salad (Choice of Portuguese or Caesar Salad)
-3 x Regular Sidelines of your choice
- 1 x Citra (1/2 litre)

Celebration for 4- $68.80
- 4 x Quarter Chickens
- 1 x Peri Wedges & Creamy Perinaise
- 1 x Salad (Choice of Portuguese or Caesar Salad)
- 4 x Regular Sidelines of your choice
- 1 x Citra (1 litre)

Celebration for 6- $98.80
- 6 x Quarter Chickens
- 1 x Peri Wedges & Creamy Perinaise
- 2 x Salad (Choice of Portuguese or Caesar Salad)
- 5 x Regular Sidelines of your choice
- 1 x Citra (1 litre)

Visit the nearest Nando's outlet with your loved ones today!!!


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  1. Hi William,

    Bom Dia & warmest greetings from Nando's Singapore!

    Thank you so much for the lovely post & we hope to see you again soon!

    Peri Regards,
    Marketing Department
    Nando's Singapore

  2. You welcome!!! See ya soon!!! =)