Surprised Birthday Celebration during Kobe's House-warming party

It was 26th December (one day after X'mas), still a holiday in Singapore!!!

Me and a group of friends gathered happily at Kobe's house for a House-warming party cum Post X'mas Party.

I did not go empty handed but with some packets of KIT KAT wafer chocolate. They are our all time favorite snacks!!!

My friend's mum was really nice!!! Although we had dinner already before we went to their house, she cooked us some food- fried mee hoon (Tom yam flavor), sardine sandwiches. And all these are Vegetarian food and they tasted really yummy!!!

She even cut us some fruits- kiwi, grapes and pears. So sweeeeeet....

KIT KAT with fruit is heaven!

We just love to play cards together!!!

Leo stolen HUGO's virgin kiss!!! So CUTE!!!

Me & Hugo

Hugo's solo picture!!! Ain't she cute? Ya Hugo is a female poodle!!!

The guys are really sweet!!!
Although my birthday just passed a day ago, they still bought me a cake and surprised me!!! Really touched and appreciated what they had done.

Photo with the pretty gals that night.

Photo with the handsome guys that night.

How can we miss a group photo with EVERYONE inside...

Hugo was "DRUNK" with alcohol....
No la she played the whole day and must be too tired that night... We actually placed that bottle beside him to create a drunk scene. Hahaha...

Ferynn don't try to SMUGGLE Hugo home hor... I caught you!!!

Well just kidding... Hugo was too tired and we was just playing to see if she can fit into the handbag and it did. She was still sounded asleep even like that. But Ferynn really wanted it so much!!! Hugo is really too CUTE!!!!

We ended that night with some drinking... Had a fun time that night!!!
It was really an unforgettable moment!!! Looking forward for our next gathering!

Thanks guys for my birthday celebration again!!! :)



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