Win Tickets to Mediacorp – Celebrate 2012 Show at Marina Bay Singapore Countdown (LIVE)!!!

Hey Guys,

I have a pair of tickets to catch Mediacorp – Celebrate 2012 Show at Marina Bay Singapore Countdown (LIVE) on 31 Dec to giveaway.

Venue: The Float@ Marina Bay
Date/Time: 31 Dec 2012, 8pm-3am
(For more info of the event, read here.)

Who will be performing on the show?
Canadian sensation These Kids Wear Crowns (with hits such as 'Jumpstart' and 'Break It Up') and Malaysian powerhouse Siti Nurhaliza will headline the show.
For the full list of performers CLICK HERE .

How to win:
All you have to do is to leave a comment under this post, telling us your BIGGEST wish for 2012 by 30 Dec, 12pm noon.

Only comment on this post- will be accepted. Winners will be announced on 30Dec. Good luck guys!

HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance to everyone!!! =)

William Tan
Official Blogger for Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2012



  1. My biggest wish for 2012 is for joy,peace and love for all mankind! :) -Valentine

  2. I want happiness to be all around me, my family and my friends and fight all odds with love and care.

    I will ensure that when I make my resolution in 2012, I will fulfil it by the year's completion

    May god bless all my friends with good health!!

    Wenn (:

  3. My biggest wish for 2012 is a child, a cry in the middle of the night and a laughter that welcomes me home from work.

  4. I only have a simple wish! That is the person I love will say "Yes" when I ask her to be my girlfriend upon the strike of 2012!!!

  5. less troubles (be it economic, sectarian, political, ... ), more good news (good health, good pay, more laugther, ...)

  6. I want to get married HAHAHA =P

  7. My biggest wish for 2012 better career, good luck in love and spend more time traveling =)

    Hope I can win the tickets! Happy 2012!!

  8. My biggest wish is to see myself able to give my parents more money each month and more happiness, wealth and good health will come to us.

  9. I've decided that my New Year's resolution this year is to keep asking questions like that, to keep wondering what the future will hold, not just for myself, but for others -- and whether I can affect that future in a positive way.

    More important: Will I be able to improve someone else's life this year?

    oh.. and to always stay loving with that one special girl (:

  10. My wish for 2012 is that everyone around me to stay happy, healthy and young always.

    Lets brightened up our lives and live our every day with a smile ♥


  11. My bigger wish for 2012 is every one around me have good health and enjoy everyday in 2012.

  12. My biggest wish for the new year is to get a breakthrough in my research and live a happy life with my fiancee

  13. my biggest wish for 2012 is... to achieve greater satisfaction at work:)

    my current wish is to attend marina bay countdown! pick me please:):)

  14. As cliche as it sounds, my only hope is that we can all make it past 2012 and that all the five theories on how the world will end on 211212 will not happen to the best of the universe's capability.

    If it does happen anyway, at the very least, I got to attend a good (final) New Year countdown (if I win the tickets) :-)

  15. I wish joy , happiness and prosperity for all my family and friends, as always i wish every year..

    But this year s my first new year celebration with my hubby :) and this s a special one for me. I wish my dear hubby by my side through all our joyous and tough times :)love him so much :D .. ta da... if i win the tickets,tat ll be our first luck this year.. hoorayy..

  16. Congrats to Wenn.
    Please email me at on your contact number.
    May all of you have a great celebration!!!

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