Christmas & Birthday Party at MBS Suite!

Christmas Party 2013 will never be fun without all of them!
They are the group that brought laughter and fun to the party.
Thanks everyone for having this party and also celebrating the birthday of me and James!!!

We had our Christmas Party at MBS Suite!!!
Very spacious room I would said and it had a very nice view of Marina Bay!!!

The spacious toilet

Our X'mas gift exchange present 

We had lot of alcohol that night and our favourite will be Bombay Sapphire!!!
They are really great party drinks to have!!!

Very easy recipe to follow:
1) Just get some lemon, tonic water and mix with Bombay Sapphire Gin. 
2) You can also buy Yuzu Juice, tonic water and mix with Bombay Sapphire Gin.

 Check out the snacks we got!

 We had Domino's Pizzas for our party!

Thanks Kiehl's for the goodies bags!!!

The bunch of fun loving guys!

and the lovely girls!

Jonathan and his gf

GJ & Michelle

Kevin Yap & Andrea

Kevin, Tommy, James and Gerald

Jiawei, Jonathan and Victor

Kevin Yap and Andrea

Gerald and Rykiel

Tommy, Gerald, Paul and me

Me, Hp and James

Kobe and gf

We played lot of interesting and fun games!

Strip poker....
No la just normal card games

James and HP slacking on the comfortable sofa!

Wooo... Thanks Sarah for the cakes!!! 
X'mas and birthday cakes!

James and me blowing the cake

We were so happy to have everyone celebrating with us!

Double celebration every year!

with Xingfong
with HP

with Tommy

Thanks to Kiehl's! We had some lucky draw to win full sized Kiehl's product!
Looked at GJ's super happy face!!! He won Kiehl's sunblock!!! This is one of my favourite sunblock! It is light weight and give you the protection you need daily!

James won the Kiehl's Facial Fuel Face Cleanser! This is an efficient and energizing gel facial cleanser by Kiehl's that thoroughly removes dirt, surface oil and impurities without over-drying and is easily rinsed off. I like the cooling effect on my skin!

 Morning I went up to see the great view at the Infinity pool!

It was really beautiful, too bad I forgot to bring my swimwear, 
else I will jump in for a swim!