Singaporean feeling cold for the past few nights

Do you all realized the past few nights had been quite cold?
We are not the only countries feeling the cold.  Last month 15th Dec, Vietnam started snowing. Cambodia and Thailand also experiencing the lowest temperature over the past 30 years. According to the report, this was the 51 years lowest temperature records. Bangkok also experiencing a drop in the temperature of 15.6 Degree Celsius.

What is the coldest temperature recorded in Singapore?
I read the info from The lowest minimum temperature ever recorded in the month of December is 20.6 deg C ( on 2 Dec 1964), while the lowest temperature ever recorded (since record began in 1929) is 19.4 deg C (on 31 Jan 1934). Cool weather over Singapore are caused by the following conditions : i ) periods of cloudy to overcast weather accompanied by rain which blocks out the heat from the sun ii ) season and prevailing wind Usually the Northeast Monsoon months of December and January are the cooler months of the year with average highest temperature of 29..9 deg C as compared to 31.5 deg C in the months of April and May, and with average minimum temperature of 23.1 deg C in Dec and Jan as compared to 24.3 deg C in the months of April and May. The early part of the Northeast monsoon (months of December and January) is usually characterised by generally cloudy and windy conditions with rain periods lasting for 2 to 3 days at a stretch. The cool north-east winds which blow over Singapore during this time of the year originate from the cold winter conditions of the interior of the Asian continent.

Temperture for 25 Jan - 1 Feb 2014:

Singapore getting colder
According to the info from AccuWeather, the temperture on Chinese New Year Eve (30 Jan 2014) will be about 20 Degree Celsius! Woo that is a piece of good news for all Singapore who always compaining of the warm weather! I like it cooling too...

Who knows maybe Singapore will be next to snow...
Then I will be wearing more sweater out. LOL!

So WEAR MORE CLOTHES when you go out at night and don't catch a cold.



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  2. You want to try London. Last night 7th/8th November 2016 the temperature fell to -1c in the city. Even lower in the suburbs with widespread frost. It's been a hot summer in the UK, but it suddenly turned from T-Shirt weather to winter weather literally overnight. This time last year we were basking in mild temperatures until January...It did drop to -5c on some nights after that, but by March the sun is getting higher and warmer...If it's not cloudy it can be quite warm. But March can also be quite cold. But hey this is the UK. Winter or summer, the weather is always going to be a mystery. That's why we talk about it so much.