Be Singapore Top Male Blogger/ Influencer today!

Taking a look in the Blogosphere or the social media industry...
There are obviously more Top Female Bloggers/ Influencers than Top Male Bloggers/ Influencers in Singapore.
 So there are sure a demand in seeing more Male Bloggers/ Influencers in Singapore.

If you are a guy and you want to become a blogger / Influencer too (because you hear a lot of benefits being a blogger), go create an account on or sign up for an instagram account. But before you do so, maybe you like to know a bit more about what I do as a blogger/ influencer.

Since Jan 2008, I started to become a Lifestyle Blogger in Singapore and it had certainly changed my life a lot. 

Some of the benefits being a bloggers/ influencer in Singapore: 
VIP Invitation, Media Preview, Food Tasting, Product Launch, Media Gifts, Media Discount, Blog Ad Earning, Blog Advertorials. 

Yes, you will receive lot of free stuff! Many things (food, handphones, cameras, facial products and even holiday trips) are sponsored. So from that, you actually save a lot on your expenses too.

Sponsored also meaning, for you to try and share your experiences with your readers on your social media platform (Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc). Of all the sponsored, I love holiday trips cause they are normally fully sponsored ( flight, accomodation & food). Thanks to blogging, I got to go to Tokyo, Osaka, Korea, Nikoi Island, Boracay Island and many different part of Malaysia.

What is a day life of a blogger/ influencer?
Maybe waking up at about 10am. Check my emails and start working on my blog entries. Then in between someone will appear at my doorstep delivering some products, media invitations or gifts. Like yesterday I received a tub of icecream and some facial products.

 Many people even my mum think that I'm a slacker and I kept going out, enjoy parties, holiday trips and that I just don't work at all, but actually I do. When I'm working on a blog entry, I can really sit in front of the computer for hours like crazy. I'm not really good with words and usually take a few hours doing research gathering the right information. Travelling blog post usually take longer cause there are too many photo taken during the trip and also lot of research to do.

You can be a.....

Fashion Blogger

Food Blogger

Technology Blogger

Beauty Blogger

Travel Blogger

or just a 
Lifestyle Blogger like me writing about all the above...

Work your way up and become Singapore Top Male Blogger today!
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Calling all Bloggers in Singapore!!!

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Let us hear what the Celebrity Bloggers have to say:

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