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Have you done your CNY clothes shopping?
I'm so excited for CNY to come, so I can wear the new clothes I bought online from!!!

Shopping online is one of my favourite pastimes now! I can do my shopping online while I lay on my comfortable bed, sit at the cafe with a cup of nice coffee or even while I am travelling on a train.

Plus I get to avoid going to the crowded shopping malls and heavy traffic, plus I spend less on travelling or eating out. Because of the numerous advantages and benefits of online shopping, more and more people these days prefer it over conventional shopping.

Today I will be sharing with you all a Denim Jacket with Knitted Sleeves which I bought online at 

 I bought this Denim Jacket with Knitted Sleeves for RMB150 (S$31 excluding delivery).

You guys must be thinking I am wearing 3 piece right?
In fact I am only wearing 2 pieces only, the Jacket was specially designed to suit weather like Singapore.

I love to mix and match my clothes to create my style of dressing.
Shopping at allow me to choose the clothes Iike cause they have really lot and lot of trendy designed clothes and the price are unbelievable cheap!

There are promotions at everyday!
And if you are a person who don't know what kind of clothes are nice, why not start browsing around at and see what what the models wear and how you too can dress fashionable too like them!

Well I did the currency conversion for some of the clothes to Singapore dollars to show you all how cheap the clothes are. It is really unbelievable right!!!

Any designs caught your attention?
There are more designs at 

How is the delivery done?
Now there is simply no reason why you can't shop at Thanks to the launch of International Parcel Forwarding Service (IPFS) in Singapore and Malaysia! You can now buy from Taobao and have your orders shipped to Singapore via an international forwarding agent (国际转运商). A forwarding agent acts as a consolidating point that provides storage (free for up to 20 days) for customers’ orders in its warehouse in China. After the customer selects the orders for consolidation, the agent will calculate the applicable forwarding charges based on the weight of the consolidated package. Arrangement will then be made for the package to be shipped from its warehouse in China to the specified Singapore address. 

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Registration is really easy and fuss-free. After registering and logging in, follow this guide on how to activate the IPFS by first setting up the overseas shipping address (i.e. the Singapore address for the parcel to be shipped to).You will be prompted to select a forwarding agent. And that's it! Start finding your LOOT at Taobao. And ya an Alipay (支付宝) account will automatically be created to facilitate payment once you registered at Taobao. Alipay is an online payment service owned by Taobao, and China’s answer to PayPal. Alipay now allows the linking of international credit cards like VISA and Mastercard for payment. Other alternative is making payment via the Alipay Purchase Card, which is available for purchase at AXS kiosks.

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