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What is Reunion Dinner (Chinese:团圆饭 (TUAN YUAN FAN) ?
A reunion dinner is held on New Year's Eve of the Chinese New Year, during which family members get together to celebrate. I would say it is an important occasion for all Chinese families.

Yes, you can say any day can be Reunion Dinner but how often do people do that? When I was young, eating with family are very common. Sitting down at the dining table with my siblings and watching my mum dishing out our favorite food, plate by plate from the kitchen to the dinning table. After dinner, my dad will normally help my mum with the washing. I believed this happened to many of us.

But as we grew older...

But as we grew older, we started schooling and get to know a lot of new friends and often hang out with them for dinner. Soon we started working, we also spend our dinner with our client and working colleagues. So when was the last time you eat with your family? We may have un-intentionally or unknowingly forgot to eat at home with our family and it is only during this Reunion Dinner we will try to make it for dinner together.

So the Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner is like a reminder to everyone. To always remember our family and have dinner at home frequently. We need to find a balance between our work, friends and family. We don't have to eat with our family only during Reunion Dinner.

Family is FOREVER!

May you and your family have a Happy CNY and good health!

Here's a video to inspire your family reunion tonight. 


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