Hair Grooming is important to men!

Haircut is important and I do it once every month!!!
If you are following my blog, you should know I had been going to Black Hair Salon (The Bencoolen) always.

Some of my supporting reasons why men should groom their hair well.

1. More Sales
A man who look good and takes pain to stayed groomed is definitely more well loved by their clients. Your clients will not like to see a person with messy or untidy hair. If you want to get more sale, get your physical appearance uplifted! 

2. Impress Girls
Girls like guys who take good care of self. To make a great first impression on girls, good personal hygiene is important. He must have neat & tidy hair! For a man, making friends with girls, or getting them interested will happen only when he keeps himself groomed. I'm sure you do not want to be turned down by a girl at first sight, so get groomed! 

3. Gain Respect 
A guy who looks unclean is ignored. Be it in office or house, to gain respect of others, a man must pay attention to his looks. Unkempt hair will only keep people away. If you desire to become someone whose opinions and views your colleagues, friends and family will respect, then you need to start grooming yourself.

4. Be Heard 
 A man with unkempt hair will more likely to be ignored by others.
An attractive looking man comes across to others as someone who has a definite purpose in life, who likes to keep progressing and who has great moral values. So if you want to be looked upon as a credible and responsible person, get grooming! 

5. More sociable 
When you are well groomed and confident, you can make new friends and improve your network. If you want to get introduced to influential people and socialize in parties with ease, go get groomed! 

This time round, I went back to Black Hair Salon because my hair is getting long, thick and a bit dry/damaged...

I was recommended by Anthony to try out a hair repair treatment (Fiole N.P3.1 Hair Repair System AF ) to treat my damaged hair.

Steaming in progress... =p

Hair stylist, Anthony

My hair is now more neat and less dry and damaged.

Thanks Anthony and Black Hair Salon once again!
I feel more confident in doing anything now!

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