Song Seung Heon does Full Monty in erotic movie- Obsessed

Thank you Clover Films for inviting me to the recent Gala Premiere of Obsessed, top grossing erotic movie of 2014 in Korea!

 I'm delighted to be able to meet korean heartthrob Song Seung Heon 宋承宪 (Best known for his TV dramas such as AUTUMN IN MY HEART, MY PRINCESS and DR. JIN). This is the actor’s first movie promotional tour in Singapore.

OBSESSED tells the story of a colonel who falls into a forbidden but irresistible love affair while risking everything that he has accomplished. The movie, which was released in Korea on 15 May, topped the country’s box office chart after its opening weekend, beating strong competitors including

I'm sure many fans of  Song Seung Heon are looking forward to catch this 

Fans of Song Seung Heon, I guess a lot of you will not want to miss the full Monty scene of Song Seung Heon in the movie. Yes, Song is baring it all in steamy sex scenes in the erotic movie. I'm sorry this movie is not for you if you are below 21.

It is also quite a touching movie to watch. 


Seducing you from 31 July 2014.