Finding the perfect match with!

Are you single? 
Do you have girlfriend now? 
When are you intending to get married? 
I often faced such questions, especially during Chinese New Year. 

To find the right partner is not easy. 
Well... Maybe not anymore...

 Because I was recently introduced to eSynchrony!
eSynchrony is a compatibility matching dating service created by the same team that created Lunch Actually, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong's First and Largest Lunch Dating company. They have 10 years of experience in matching singles. 

Are you spending a lot of time looking at incompatible matches?

eSynchrony’s users and clients include professionals, managers, executives and businessmen who are looking for a serious relationship.

eSynchrony uses in-depth compatibility profiling to give individuals tailored and compatible matches. matching algorithm based on our matchmaking experience, to match singles based on 16 areas of compatibility. 

-Profile Attributes
-Life Experiences
-Physical Attributes
-Personality Temperament
-Interests and Passions
-Relationship Skills
-Values and beliefs
-Masculinity / Feminity
-Relationship readiness
-Cultural Inclinations
-Money Attitudes

Not sure how to start?
Head over to and key in your personal details and CLICK on the button- Find My Matches and follow through the steps!

It may take quite awhile to do the personality test but I think it is definitely worth the time to find the most compatible lifetime partner for yourself.

After you have completed the quiz, a profile page will be set up for you. 

A dating consultant will also give you a call to explain more about eSynchrony to complete the profiling. She was very professional and friendly when she called me. 

You will also be able to navigate to see your matches when you login.

It's just been about 7 days now after signing up as a member on eSynchrony and I have 20 over matches and 3 matches who are keen to meet me.

Yes I have heard of people telling me that the people in some online dating website may not be genuine, using of fake photo, not sincere in having serious relationship and often have to wait long for replies from the other parties or no replies at all. But I realised for eSynchrony, you can be assured you are dating with the real person because the consultants will conduct an ID verification and phone screening for all members before arranging for your date. You'll only go on dates with matches whose identities have been verified. And the best part is, eSynchrony saves you time and effort because of the detailed personality test and paid dates system which screens out singles who are not looking for a serious relationship. With all this put in place, I am sure I will be able to meet the right kind of partner I want very soon.

I believe with the help of eSynchrony, you will be able to find a good match! Comparing to using many other online website, eSynchrony only propose matches with at least 70% compatibility. They are safe because all the members’ details are verified. I like the part that they have real life friendly consultants who will give personal touch and arrange for real dates for you. Through their website, you be able to also read on many success stories too. 

In fact, I am actually looking at one of my matches and quite interested for a meetup. Feeling excited now!!! Will she be the one for me? Stay tuned to my blog to find out more on my love journey with eSynchrony.

Here's a video to show how eSynchrony works.

Sign up now and meet that someone of your life on today!



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