Yoogane opened 2nd outlet at Westgate

Are you a fan of Korean food?  Thinking of having a nice chicken galbi (Dak-Galbi) tonight?
Then you should give Yoogane  (요가네 pronounced yoo-ga-nay) a try if you have not!

After the success of the 1st outlet in Bugis, they opened a new outlet at Westgate.
Even at Westgate, you will see many people queuing everyday to satisfy their craving for delicious chicken galbi!.

Yoogane brings you a whole new authentic, exciting Korean experience.
Yoogane is originally from Busan, Korea in 1981. Wow just one year before I was born.  
Specially for Singapore fans, there is a Chick Mascot and Yoogane origami created!

Yoogane staffs are friendly and always greets you with heartwarming smiles as they usher you to your seats. I think that is explained the success of Yoogane

If there is one thing you should not miss during the hot, humid days is the Naeng Myeon served up chilled with a refreshing, taste bud tantalizing soup base. Not forgetting the free flow salad bar where you can satisfy your Kimchi cravings.

 I'm in love with their Seafood & Chicken Galbi and it is also one of Singaporean's favorite. 
This is cooked and served right at your table. 

(SGD$52.90 for 2 pax)
(SGD$59.90 for 3-4 pax)

It is also a great opportunity to bond with your loved one.

Friendly staffs to help you to cook your Galbi and make sure you enjoy the best!

And it is done!!! I am so hungry looking at this photo now again...

You can even add on noodles too!

Hmmm... I'm impressed with their unique blend of sauces! Plus the ingredients are fresh which make it tasted so good! And you may not know this?  Apart from the Chicken and Vegetables, every soup bases & main ingredients, including Rice is imported from Korea? =)

Another must try - Marinated Chicken Galbi Fried Rice (SGD$14.90)!!!
This is a delicious combination of Yoogane's signature Chicken Galbi and Fried Rice on a bed of mouthwatering mozzarella cheese! 

Egg Roll (SGD$9.90)
Egg Roll with cheese (SGD$11.90)

This is another must try!
Egg lovers will definitely love this! I ordered the one with cheese and really like it a lot! Good to order to share as a side dish.

Another side that I would like to recommend would be the 
Korean Stye Seafood Pancake (SGD$16.90) 
A bit crispy on top... Perfect with the sauce that come along.

 You can also order some Korean's popular beverages and alcohol!

Make Yoogane your perfect place for any occasions or gathering with your friends and family!

They are so thoughtful to their customers too!
Handphone battery running low? You have no chance to take a selfie with your familys and friends?

No worry, cause Yoogane provides you with a handphone charging system!

Westgate Outlet:
200 Victoria Street, Bugis Junction, #02-47/48 Singapore 188021.
Opening hours are from Monday - Sunday 11am - 10pm

Bugis Outlet:
3 Gateway Drive, Westgate, #03-08 Singapore 608532
Monday - Sunday 11am - 10pm