Best Sweet & Savoury Waffles at Montana Brew Bar

All Waffle-lovers alert!!!
Don't say I bo-jio you to this nice cafe which sell delicious and fresh waffles! Whether you prefer the sweet or the savoury Waffles, they can be all found at Montana Brew Bar, an urban chic coffee brew bar. Montana Brew Bar is really a waffles expert with over 9 different waffles items on their menu. Read on and I will share with you some waffles which I had tried.

They are open daily from 8am-930pm and serving full food menu from 10am onwards.

Beside selling waffles, they also sell Salads, sandwiches, burger, truffles fries.

If you are a coffee lovers, you can also come to Montana Brew Bar and get your caffeine fix!
Yes, beside coffee, they also sell fresh juice, tea, sodas and also alcohol.

Since opening, the cafe had always been very crowded. They do not take any reservation. And it is fair and whoever come first get the table.

You will see people from all walk of life coming here and enjoy their food.

So first up!
This is their Truffle Mac & Cheese with truffle mushroom cream sauce (SGD$9.50).
This is the 1st time I had something like this. Upon your first bite, you may find the taste familiar like some food you ate when you are young. So comfort!!! That is maybe because of the Macaroni and Cheese. Fell in love with this immediately after trying my 1st bite.

Southern Fried Chicken Waffle Sandwich with wasabi slaw($9.50)
The waffles were crispy on the outside but yet maintaining it fluffiness inside.
Chicken is tender and juicy!

Red Velvet Stack (SGD$10.50). This red coloured waffles is too pretty and definitely Instagram worthy! The white chocolate rose sauce is definitely a great match! I was only limited portions are available each day.

Lastly I tried their Matcha Strawberry Field Waffles (SGD$9.50). It is green tea waffles topped with strawberry and mango passionfruit spheres and vanilla icecream. This is definitely going to be another Instagram worthy photo to take and share! 

Enjoy breaking the mango passionfruit spheres! Mix well with the waffles to enjoy!

Montana Brew Bar take their customer feedback seriously to ensure the best are served to each customer. Some customers like their waffles to be crispy and light and some others like them fluffy and cakey. So from now onward,  you can check out their new waffles menu, where you can choose between the option of a crispy waffle base ("The Big Crunch"), or a fluffy one ("The Fluffy Soufflé"). This new option is available only for the sweet waffles only.

You can order a premium coffee to go along with your waffles!

Customer can choose the type of brew and type of beans.
Customise to their preference, with Pourover ($5.20) and Aeropress ($5.20) available.

Montana Brew Bar 
1 Selegie Road #01-04, 
Singapore 188306 
(10 min walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT) 
Tel: +65 98331790 



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